Emmerdale spoilers: Amelia Spencer learns devastating news concerning her father’s imprisonment Dana

Amelia has had an amazing year (Image: ITV).

Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) and his daughter Amelia (Daisy Campbell) had a very different life in Emmerdale back in August when he was sentenced to prison.

The devoted father and grandfather was sent in jail after he killed a guy who had been following and intimidating Amelia with a single blow. Amelia wondered how she would handle life without Dan after he was sentenced to eight years in prison despite having no prior criminal record.

She’s been taking care of baby Esther and managing her life after some initial difficulties. Sam and Lydia Dingle, the baby’s other grandparents, James Hooton and Karen Blick, have been providing Esther with all the financial and personal support they can.

Amelia found solace in moving into the Woolpack with Chas (Lucy Pargeter), and she continued to work at Mandy’s salon to earn money while also lending a hand in the tavern.

The pre-Christmas rush was evident in the episode that aired on Thursday, December 14, when Amelia and Mandy visited the salon. Every chair in the establishment was occupied by customers who were undergoing various beauty procedures. In an attempt to remember to rinse off hair products before any one’s Christmas was marred by an over-perming mishap, Mandy hurried from person to person.

Mandy wasn’t supposed to be left alone at this time, but Amelia had an appointment to see Dan in jail. Despite her boss’s objections, she asked Mandy to watch Esther and left to catch the bus.

At first, Dan and Amelia intended to flee together (Picture: ITV).

As Esther had many explosive diaper events, poor Mandy was rushed off her feet, and Noah (Jack Downham) was called in for emergency childcare.

Mandy was so quite glad when Amelia returned, although she was not feeling well. She disclosed that Dan had cried throughout the most of their visit. That was awful enough, but he had also informed her that he was being relocated because the jail was overcrowded. Two hundred miles away, to Birmingham.

Since he lived so far away, Amelia was unsure about how she would be able to see him. Even though Mandy was adamant that they would find a solution and that she would assist, Amelia’s aid at the salon and overall support were desperately required right now.

“I want to go home,” a dejected Amelia murmured.

However, Mandy warned her that there was no turning back and that the salon industry was similar to show business, so she had to ignore her personal problems and focus on making the people of the Dales feel amazing.

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