Steve Halliwell, 77, a legend of Emmerdale Zak Dingle, passes away.

Steve portrayed Zak, the much-loved patriarch of the Dingle clan, for almost 30 years (Picture: ITV)

Steve Halliwell, an Emmerdale icon, passed away at the age of 77.

According to a statement issued by his family, the actor, who gained worldwide recognition for his role of Zak Dingle in the ITV soap opera, passed away quietly.

The statement said, “He went to sleep, quietly, with his loved ones surrounding him.” “He was the most fantastic grandfather and father you could ever want for, and he was making us laugh till the very end.” Family meant the world to him.

We would like to express our gratitude to the amazing team at Wheatfield Hospice and St. James Hospital for their compassion and caring during his last days. He only wanted to celebrate a life well spent; he didn’t want sorrow.

“With profound regret and a heavy heart, Emmerdale can report that Steve Halliwell, our beloved Zak Dingle, has peacefully gone away,” the soap opera Emmerdale said in remembrance of Steve.

We would ask that his family, friends, and loved ones’ privacy be respected while they grieve for his death. Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this extremely trying time.

“Steve will always be associated with Emmerdale.” The leader of the Dingle family and a passionate defender. It has always been hard not to grin when you think of him because of his heart and sense of humor in whatever he accomplished.

As Head of ITV in the North and Managing Director of Continuing Drama, John Whiston said: “Steve Halliwell was one of those exceptional people who was just as amazing off screen as he was on.”

He was viewed by millions of Emmerdale viewers as the cunning and physically strong patriarch of the Dingle clan, but also had a kind heart.

He was a much-loved friend and coworker to everybody who worked on Emmerdale. He was unquestionably the show’s father, but he was also its entertaining, naughty uncle. He will be sorely missed.

One of the greatest soap opera marriages ever is Zak’s with his wife Lisa Dingle (Image: ITV / REX / Shutterstock).

Steve began his acting career in the late 1970s and went on to perform in several TV shows over the next twenty years, such as Heartbeat, Threads, and even Coronation Street, before he was cast in the pivotal role of Zachariah “Zak” Dingle.

In 1994, not long after Emmerdale Farm was rebranded, Zak made his Emmerdale debut. Zak, a former bareknuckle boxer, immediately made an impression by threatening to fight Ned Glover.

Over the years, the renowned father softened a little and appeared in several tales, such as the one about Belle’s unexpected birth, the one about his involvement in Cain Dingle’s attack, and a moving one about his mental state.

One of the most recognizable characters from Emmerdale ever is Zak. (Image: Shutterstock/REX/ITV)

In addition, Zak overcame testicular cancer, lost his son Butch in a bus accident, vanished to Chile, and helped his son Sam get through his wife Alice’s fatal sickness.

But his most notable accomplishment is still, without a doubt, his marriage to Lisa (Jane Cox). Zak and Lisa, who endured numerous hardships over the course of three decades, including Zak’s contentious romance with Joanie, undoubtedly became one of the most memorable couples in soap opera history.

They were unquestionably soulmates despite all that had happened to them, and they even were married again in 2019, right before Lisa passed away.

Not long before Lisa passed away, Zak and Lisa got back together and got married again (Picture: ITV)

After Lisa passed away and the Covid-19 epidemic hit, Zak continued to make occasional appearances. His last appearance was in June of this year when he ran into Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) on an amazing scooter.

With Zak Dingle, whom he helped to create, Steve has left behind a legacy that will endure in the hearts and minds of soap opera viewers of all ages. Memories of some of his most memorable moments will always be carved in our hearts.

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