Todd Boyce from Coronation Street has undergone a dramatic metamorphosis; even his phone doesn’t recognize him.

Is that you, Todd Boyce? Image courtesy of Getty Images Europe

Todd Boyce, a former Coronation Street star, has changed his appearance, and his phone doesn’t even recognize him anymore.

When the 62-year-old actor’s character Stephen Reid turned into the neighborhood serial murderer and killed Leo, Teddy, and Rufus in heartbreaking moments, he found himself at the center of a huge Corrie plot.

When Stephen’s attempt to escape the nation completely backfired during Super Soap Week in October, his reign of terror came to an awful end.

Todd revealed his new role as Demon Vanity in the pantomime Mother Goose after leaving Corrie.

The actor posted a behind-the-scenes photo of himself looking like the character in a dramatic red jacket and a horn-topped red wig.

“Face recognition isn’t functioning on my phone at the moment,” he said as the caption for the photo. Why, I wonder?

Actress Tina O’Brien (Sarah Platt) was among his former co-stars on Corrie who quickly commented on the photo, saying, “Oh how I miss you!!!!!! ❤️.”

Even though his time on Corrie is done, Todd has a ton of other work lined up, including a video game franchise called Alan Wake.

Todd most recently featured in Alan Wake 2, the highly anticipated follow-up to the survival horror hit game.

The actor, with a beard, long hair, and a sheriff’s costume, appeared completely unrecognizable when he uploaded a picture of himself on Instagram while in character.

He referred to the game as “a psychological horror thriller loaded with great tension & surprising turns” in the post’s title.

Todd recently disclosed that he will be playing in a Laurence Olivier play, so this isn’t the only job he has set up.

Many members of the Corrie cast will be seeing my play, which I’m doing at The Lowry.

I was informed that if I wanted to make murder mysteries, I would suddenly have access to countless of them. An actual murder mystery was presented to me, but I was unable to accept it.

It will be difficult to finish me off if this Laurence Olivier role, which is a two-hander with just ink conversation on the pages, is provided to me.

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