Charlotte Jordan of Coronation Street discloses Daisy’s intense Christmas suffering.

Will this Christmas be spent alone? (Image: ITV)

After Daniel (Rob Mallard) learned that Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) and Ryan (Ryan Prescott) had shared a bed, Daisy has had a rough few weeks on Coronation Street.

Daisy tried her hardest to persuade Daniel that she would never be unfaithful to him again, but he was unable to go past Daisy’s admission that she did, in fact, love Ryan, albeit in a different way.

Daisy was heartbroken to learn that Ryan was moving on to Glasgow with Crystal (Erin Austen), in addition to Daniel telling her that their relationship was ended and refused to let her inside the apartment.

“She’s really hurting,” Charlotte Jordan said.

She is upset, but in typical Daisy manner, she covers up her actual emotions with clever comments and a heavily makeup-applied face. She recently broke up with Daniel, so I imagine she’s still trying to get back together. Their connection has always been intense, so she’s left hoping and praying that she might persuade him to try again once some time has passed to let the immediate hurt subside.

With Daisy entering a new stage of her life, Charlotte is excited to see where her character will go next.

“She has to concentrate and reorganize,” she remarked. For the last two to three years that she has been living on the streets, these men have at one point been her only concern.

It’s intriguing that they’re leveraging the breakup to resurrect her darker side, and she’s going to give in to her immoral impulses. For want of a better phrase, she believes she has nothing left to lose, hence “The Bitch is Back.”

Charlotte was eager to highlight that Daisy is still coping with the trauma of the stalker plot and the acid assault she and Ryan endured, even though her less charming side is about to resurface.

After finding out that Ryan had slept with Daisy, Daniel confronted him (Picture: ITV)

“I sincerely hope that people are aware that Daisy, who has devoted all of her attention to Ryan’s recuperation, is also extremely traumatized by the entire Justin (Andrew Still) story and hasn’t had much time to absorb it herself,” she said.

We haven’t really touched on her own on screen. Hopefully, people will keep in mind that she isn’t the obvious villain in this love triangle; rather, it’s more nuanced and intricate than that.

The actress wasn’t convinced it would be the wisest course of action when it came to Daisy and Daniel’s potential future.

Daisy’s only Christmas smile will be this one (Picture: ITV)

“I wouldn’t say that Daniel is a winner per se; he has also engaged in some really deceptive behavior that raises a “red flag.” I’m not sure if they should permanently part ways or if this has shown how much in common they actually are—perhaps they were meant to be together after all!

“I believe Daisy will be crushed if she witnesses Daniel content with someone else, especially if he moves on quickly.” However, it will also compel her to accept responsibility for the damage she has caused to their relationship.

Daisy’s network of falsehoods finally became unmanageable (Image: ITV).

“We may hope that he does ultimately find his way back to her, but I think that deep down she realizes how royally she messed things up. After the first crimson mist fades away, she may just want him to be happy.”

Daisy (Sally Ann Matthews) and Jenny are set to take on a new role as landlady of the Rovers for the time being. Charlotte informed us that Daisy should focus on it instead of her love life at this point.

Daisy is devoting her entire being to the Rovers. That’s all she has left. She has lost her future as well as her love, hero, and small family. She said, “I want her to concentrate on the Rovers and on being a prosperous, little, hidden landlady.”

As Lucy Fallon prepares to return to the Street, Charlotte hopes that she and Daisy will become friends.

“She should completely change their connection with Bethany, in my opinion. In actuality, they have a good deal in common. In addition to getting some moments with more of the Platts out of selfishness, I believe there is possibility for a strong friendship to develop. That would be nice.

Daisy should be placed in various social groups on the show. It’s been years since I asked them to create friends between Daisy and Todd (Gareth Pierce)! Me, simply frantically attempting to make friends for Daisy!

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