Emmerdale spoilers: sad scenes see Baby Esther abandoned

Angelica had the responsibility of taking care of Esther (Picture: ITV).

In Friday’s (December 15) Emmerdale episode, Daisy Campbell’s character Amelia Spencer was incensed when she learned that baby Esther had been left alone.

Amelia learned last week that her father, Dan Spencer (Liam Fox), had been transferred to a different Birmingham prison.

Amelia was left wondering how she would be able to see her dad after the tragic turn of events, given that the expense of travel would be much higher.

Amelia made the decision to work an extra shift at the salon because she was determined to obtain more money.

Following Amelia’s rejection by Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) that she was unable to care for Esther, the young mother focused on Nicola King’s (Nicola Wheeler) daughter Angelica (Rebecca Bakes).

Heath Hope (Sebastian Dowling) stopped by the house when Angelica was taking care of the infant.

Angelica was interested in Heath’s suggestion that they hang together, but she realized she had to take care of Esther.

Angelica departed from Esther (Image: ITV)

But, Angelica snatched the infant montior and departed as soon as she saw Esther had slept off.

Later, Amelia was lured to Esther’s screams as soon as she spotted Claudette Anderson (Flo Wilson) leave the salon.

As she dashed to the King residence, she discovered Esther was alone and the door was shut.

Amelia wanted to earn more money so she could visit Dan (Picture: ITV)

When she came back, a tense Amelia faced Angelica, who thought she could get away with slinking out since she had the alarm, even though it wasn’t on.

After this week’s events, Amelia appeared to be overwhelmed as she hurried in and grabbed Esther.

Since Dan’s arrest earlier this year, Amelia’s friends and family have given her a lot of support.

But it’s safe to assume that Amelia is feeling more alone than ever after learning that he will now be housed in a jail located far from the community.

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