Emmerdale teasers: malevolent As he plans his retaliation against Mack Boyd, Damon Harris does an unexpected thing to control Chloe.

Damon desires retribution. (Image: ITV)

In Friday’s (December 15) Emmerdale episode, Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) remained under the wicked father’s manipulation and control.

We finally got to meet Chloe’s dad yesterday.

Although he goes by Harry, he was actually attacking Caleb Milligan (William Ash) and Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) a few months ago. Damon Harris (Robert Beck) is his real name.

Chloe and Reuben remained at Damon’s house in tonight’s episode.

Her dad might assist her in realizing her dream of moving away from Emmerdale village and establishing a new life somewhere else, which was her main focus.

Gifts and the prospect of living in a little home with olive trees and a bakery were what first drew Chloe to Damon, but it quickly became apparent that he wasn’t going to assist her in leaving anytime soon.

Damon cut Chloe off the moment she brought up the idea of getting in touch with Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson). According to him, Amy almost gave Chloe over to her “crazy ex” and didn’t think it was a good idea if she knew where she was.

Mack must be mindful about his back. (Image: ITV)

Chloe, feeling apprehensive about her father, ultimately concluded that there was no need to call anybody.

Later, after challenging Chloe’s feelings by gushing about how much he enjoys getting to know Reuben, Damon disclosed that it was taking longer than anticipated to have her passport processed.

Damon promised to do all in his power to keep Chloe and Reuben safe, ignoring her cries of helplessness and her worries that Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) would discover them.

Mack’s life is about to be in jeopardy. (Image: ITV)

Chloe still has love for Mackenzie, despite her evident contempt and wrath toward him. However, she made a grave error when she told her father about her feelings for Mack and how much she missed their family.

Chloe was told by an irritated Damon that she didn’t need Mackenzie since he would be there to take care of her and Reuben.

Damon coerced Chloe into saying that “he [Mack] doesn’t exist,” knowing that Reuben would find it easy to forget about him.

Damon pushed through with his plan to keep Chloe alone by taking her phone and putting it in a drawer.

Only a few days have passed since we first got to know Damon Harris.

Mack has to be really concerned about this man since he is incredibly dangerous.

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