“Expect the unexpected,” a show icon warns fans in response to the Christmas murder on EastEnders.

“Assume the unexpected.” (Image: BBC)

Since it was hinted at in the flash forward back in February, the forthcoming Christmas Day murder has been the main plot point of the year, and EastEnders fans have barely spoken about anything else.

As the Christmas Day episode of Kathy Beale draws near, actor Gillian Taylforth has cautioned viewers to “expect the unexpected” despite the show’s numerous flips and turns.

From the beginning, fans have been deeply engrossed in this plot, anxious to figure out who murdered them and who is dead. Theories about this have been circulating widely online, and none of the actors have overlooked them.

“It’s wonderful that the audience is so immersed in the tale,” Gillian remarked.

Ultimately, what we do is for the people who watch at home, which is why I believe it’s fantastic that viewers can participate in Christmas throughout the year.

Kathy has a significant role in the plot, and after learning that her husband Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) set fire to her cherished café and almost allowed her get blamed for sending her grandkids to the hospital, things have only gotten worse for her.

“She’s devastated,” Gillian disclosed. “After Gavin, Kathy didn’t think she would have another shot at love. Then Rocky came along and, out of a desire to help, showed her how to love again.” She eventually decided to call it quits since she didn’t think their marriage would last, but he’s pushed her too far this time.

“Kathy would do anything to be blissfully married to Rocky, but she can’t put up with the falsehoods all the time, and he can’t be honest with her.”

Could Rocky wind up wearing the dreaded cufflinks on Christmas Day, after causing her so much distress?

It’s safe to assume, in my opinion, that Kathy is very much against Rocky. After setting her café on fire and sending her two grandchildren to the hospital, he had the audacity to persuade her to sell it to Nish so he could escape punishment for his crimes.

Rocky and Kathy cannot turn back. (Image: Jack Barnes/Broadcast/Kieron McCarron)

“Kathy has pardoned him several times, but this is one instance too many.”

Since the first episode, Kathy has been a mainstay in Albert Square, yet she has never killed anyone. Is this the year?

Gillian is excited to be a part of this groundbreaking episode, regardless of her role.

I was really appreciative to Chris and the crew for incorporating Kathy in The Six, and I was thrilled to be a part of the plot.

It’s amazing to think that Kathy will be celebrating her twenty-fourth Christmas in Albert Square and her thirty-eighth in the history of the program.

“I think it’s much more special because, to me, we wouldn’t have believed it if you had told Tish [Letitia Dean] and I that we would be standing here all those years later.”

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