Spoilers for Coronation Street show that Peter was shocked to learn of the verified vicious Platt feud and horrific attack.

Next week on Coronation Street, Ed is attacked, David disagrees with the Platts, and Peter maintains a secret (Picture: ITV)

Although it’s the holiday season, as our latest spoiler videos reveal, Coronation Street’s favorite characters won’t have much cause for celebration next week.

The inhabitants of the street with the same name are about to face more hardships in the ITV soap opera, with the week leading up to Christmas proving to be especially difficult for everyone.

includes the same first glimpse as before, with a fresh collection of snippets from the upcoming trips that tease the drama to come. Helen Worth’s character Gail Platt is adamant about getting the family together before the holidays.

However, doing so proves to be difficult because David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) is available to tease Kate about her prior rivalries.

Somewhere, Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) is viciously attacked, and Carla Connor (Alison King) learns something startling about Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) before he leaves.

We’ve got three videos this week to hold you over till your next trip to the cobbles.

This is what you have to anticipate!

Monday, December 18.

After some recent family strife, the Platt clan gets ready to go to the restaurant with Audrey to “hash their dirty laundry.”

David quickly suggests that Gail should treat Eileen in this manner, but Gail retaliates, saying that her battle with Eileen is more akin to a “feud” than a “grudge,” and she plans to carry that sentiment with her into the afterlife, much to the delight of her loved ones.

Inspired by the school’s “nice box,” where students jot down one kind thing about a fellow student and then anonymously place it in, Lily offers a “lovely box” as a means of resolving the disagreement.

Gail thinks that’s a really good idea and goes to get one for herself. Will it all work out, though? Or should we anticipate greater drama and conflict? Since we are discussing the Platts, I will conclude that the second choice is more plausible.

Wednesday, December 20

When Carla gets back to the apartment, she finds Peter cleaning, which makes her suspicious. She asks him why he would do this. Peter says he has been corresponding with the hospital in an attempt to get in contact with the family of his liver donor.

Carla is shocked to learn that the hospital has arranged for Peter to meet with his mother, who is scheduled to arrive at the apartment in an hour. Carla quickly heads to the factory to get Sarah ready for the business meeting, but not before assuring him that she would be ready in time.

December 22, Friday

When Tony stops by and discovers Ed preparing to leave the Street, Ed is appalled. Ed argues that he hasn’t received the man’s money despite Tony berating him for not having paid up yet.

Tony observes the gifts beneath the tree and gets an idea, but they are both preoccupied when Ed’s phone rings and Aggie answers.

Tony reaches for the phone, but Ed prys it from his grasp. But Tony strikes back with a blow!

These scenes from Coronation Street will be shown on ITV1 and ITVX on Monday, December 18, at 8 p.m.

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