Christmas spoilers for Coronation Street: Cassie uses vile accusations to harm Abi and Kevin

Cassie begins to tell falsehoods (Image: ITV)

In future episodes of Coronation Street, Cassie Plummer (Claire Sweeney) is going to be stealing cars and going back to her evil ways.

However, a crafty scheme to shift the blame ultimately causes major problems for Kevin (Michael Le Vell) and Abi (Sally Carman).

When Roy Cropper (David Neilson) needs to go shopping in order to acquire Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) a particular Christmas present, Cassie grabs the wheel. Cassie promises to accompany him, but she has a plan when Roy’s dependable car, the Woody, won’t start.

Roy discovers a Porsche in the garage a few days later and knows it’s the same vehicle Cassie used for their shopping excursion. After drawing the conclusion that Cassie must have taken it without the owner’s permission, Roy is understandably appalled to learn that he was involved in a criminal act.

To make matters worse, Kevin and Abi quickly see that the fancy automobile has a large ding on the side. Although they are unable to explain what happened, Cassie is prepared with a notion. She speculates that it’s possible Abi has recommenced drinking and that she damaged the Porsche while intoxicated.

Given Abi’s prior difficulties with alcohol and drug usage, this is obviously a serious claim, and Abi is horrified that Kevin could even entertain the possibility that Cassie is telling the truth.

Cassie gets into mischief once more. (Image: ITV)

By phoning the owner of the Porsche to pick up his vehicle and then feigning ignorance, Cassie puts undue strain on the pair.

When he gets there, he is incensed to find the large scratch on his prized vehicle and vows to sue the garage. Cassie convinces Kevin that the automobile will be restored to its former splendor by the next day, and Kevin and Abi can only watch in terror.

Kevin is so stressed out that he can’t help but blame Abi, even if he doesn’t realize she is completely blameless in this.

Roy wants Abi to own up to her mistakes and is not amused that she is blaming Cassie for her behavior. Because of her apparent success in soothing the Porsche owner, she accepts and is ready to tell Kevin when he extends an unexpected employment offer.

However, the owner declines to pay Kevin’s fee when he comes to pick up his car, leaving Kevin severely out of cash.

He vents his rage on Abi once more. Will Cassie acknowledge her actions, or may her careless behavior cause a rift between Kevin and Abi that will never go away?

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