EastEnders star caught off guard as she confesses that the person she believed to be responsible for the Christmas murder was not

Linda gets deeply entangled in the festivities on Christmas Day (Photo: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

We’re just a few days away from finding out if the assumptions made by every EastEnders fan about who they could see lying on the floor this Christmas were accurate.

Actress Kellie Bright, who plays Linda Carter, stated that The Six had also been kept in the dark until recently and had developed some beliefs of their own.

As far as I’m aware, there are several hypotheses floating around as to who it may be. I was a part of it until we started filming.

I can only speak to what the cast has been going through; to be honest, we haven’t discussed much else in months! Thus, I can only assume that those who are seeing the program are experiencing a similar emotion. It’s thrilling.

After discovering who killed the Walford guy, Kellie and the other stars in the big Christmas Day episode—which will see one of the men executed—admit that it wasn’t the person she had anticipated.

“I was astonished beyond belief.” Abruptly, utterly astonished. It did not turn out to be what I had anticipated.

Linda’s path this year has been difficult, and she is expected to play a significant role in the murder. Linda has been fighting to put her life together since losing Mick at Christmas, and the unexpected return of Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) has sent her into a tailspin once more.

“She’s at her breaking point,” said Kellie. Because of all that transpired the previous year, this year was always going to be tough, and now she had Dean to add to the burden.

She understands what a monster he is to her; he is a terrible guy, and I believe she will never be at peace or at rest in his presence. She seemed to be on the verge of something.

There’s a good probability Linda may lose her cool and kill someone, but would Dean be the target of her rage in this scenario?

Dean is the obvious choice, though. She and Nish had a brief falling out in the past; she had planned to sell the bar to him, but she had to back out at the last minute, and he took over the pub. That was a long time ago. She doesn’t seem to have any more significant sins to bear at this time.

The reappearance of Dean has devastated Linda. (Image: Jack Barnes/Broadcast/Kieron McCarron)

For everyone involved, working on a plot as legendary as this has been tremendously thrilling, but Kellie has loved one part of the process more than any others.

Working with the other women has been, quite honestly, the finest part of it. It’s been wonderful, very wonderful.

I adore them all so much, and I think it’s great because not only are we all distinct individuals, but we’re also all different actors. Although we all operate somewhat differently from one another, we all have a great deal of respect for one another’s methods.

Additionally, I’ve enjoyed working with individuals that I don’t often get to deal with. I enjoy working with Bal, occasionally I get to work with Di, obviously I work with Tish more, and Gilly is simply a pleasure to work with. Playstation Let me tell you, Gilly lives up to her name. Most days, she’s had us singing! And my absolute favorite, Lacey. Even though she’s one of my best friends, we’ve never had a job together! Thus, it’s been fantastic.

“Christmas is written by Lauren Klee, and I adore her work.” The fact that it was written by a woman and intended for all women made it seem really beautiful. It has been quite enjoyable for me.

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