Emmerdale Christmas spoilers: A terrifying vehicle pursuit puts people’s lives in danger during the disastrous New Year

The teenagers wish to visit Hotten for a party. (Image: ITV)

In Emmerdale, a trip to a New Year’s celebration goes terribly wrong, putting lives in jeopardy.

When Sebastian and Gabrielle Dowling’s twins, Heath and Cathy Hope, learn of a party in Hotten, they get eager to go. The issue is that since there is no public transportation available, they must rely on people to give them a lift, and adults are usually busy.

Bob (Tony Audenshaw) is occupied tending to the food and beverages while Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) is hosting an event at the B&B.

They think Heath and Cathy could be available to assist, but when they’re needed, they’re nowhere to be found.

While Jimmy (Nick Miles) is dispatched to find them, Wendy (Susan Cookson) discovers something startling. When she gets to her car after getting called into work, she discovers that it is gone.

Bob is alerted to the situation by April (Amelia Flanagan), who informs him that the twins have stolen Wendy’s car and left, accompanied by Nicola’s daughter Angelica (Rebecca Bakes).

Bob and Wendy search for the teenagers (Image: ITV)

Since Bob is naturally afraid of what may happen on the isolated rural roads between Emmerdale and Hotten and none of the three have a driver’s license, Wendy and Bob hop into Bob’s car and go after him.

Angelica was hurt in a car accident earlier this year, so Nicola is waiting nervously for updates back at the B&B. Meanwhile, her daughter is busy flirting with Heath while Cathy drives them to Hotten.

Cathy’s sluggish driving irritates Heath and Angelica, who tell her to pick up the pace. Cathy slams her foot down and swerves around the bends and twists of the rural roads, not even slowing down after a near collision with another car.

Aware that they might not have enough time to avert a catastrophe, Bob and Wendy are racing to catch up to the other vehicle in the meanwhile.

Are they going to arrive in time?

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