Spoilers for Coronation Street Christmas: A surprising new love for enamored Todd, but things get tricky

Todd notices something new (Picture: ITV)

For Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce), a romantic relationship is in the works for the holiday season on Coronation Street.

Since his comeback a few years ago, the adored figure hasn’t truly had a committed relationship. Todd kept making up tales and falsehoods about Paul (Peter Ash) even after they got back together to make sure Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) didn’t leave him for his ex.

Now that Billy and Paul are back together and the issue with Todd appears to be behind them, he is showing the pair that he is a terrific friend and has been there for them both since Paul’s MND diagnosis.

Towards the end, Paul tells Billy and Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) that he has been having back trouble.

The arrival of Moses, a new PA, depresses him more. Moses says he’s filling in for Paul’s regular PA Jim, but when he relieves Paul of his back discomfort, he turns out to be a lifesaver.

Moses finds it difficult to insert the key into the apartment door later in the week.

Paul is assigned a new PA. (Image: ITV)

Todd, obviously captivated, sees the scene develop and runs over to help.

Where will things end up, though?

We also know that Todd is keeping Paul’s want to select the time of his death a secret in other places.

Is Paul still thinking about assisted dying because we haven’t spoken about it in a short while?

And will the secret affect Todd and Moses’s chances of being romantically involved?

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