Coronation.Street Christmas spoilers: Adam ‘killed’ in murder horror as Damon exacts brutal revenge

At last, Damon returns to Weatherfield (Image: ITV)

At last, Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths) makes his way back to Coronation Street, landing Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) in big danger come January 1.

Adam managed to frighten Damon away from the cobbles earlier this year.

After discovering that Damon and Sarah (Tina O’Brien) had slept together, he decided to exact retribution since he thought that removing Damon from the picture would save his and Sarah’s marriage.

Sarah’s falsehoods got worse when Damon departed. In the end, Adam informed Sarah that their relationship was over since she had let him think he was the baby’s father even though she knew it was actually Damon.

Future episodes will show Adam and Sarah admit they still have feelings for one another while sipping drinks at the Bistro, despite everything they’ve gone through.

Adam sees Sarah at the start of 2024 and tells her he’s feeling much better following his panic episode.

Adam will be shocked. (Image: ITV)

Adam is optimistic about their meeting for a drink, which Sarah proposes they do.

Sarah says Adam they’re going to work on his anxiety together while they’re at the bar, researching panic attacks online.

A guy in a vehicle follows Adam as he makes his way to his office.

Adam finds himself tied up in the back of the vehicle a little while later. Will he be able to elude Damon’s retaliation?

And what will Sarah think of Damon’s return?

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