EastEnders spoilers: George’s life turned upside down as two unexpected guests arrive…..

George receives a shocking revelation from unexpected visitors (Photo: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

If the appearance of George Knight’s (Colin Salmon) wife Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) after she disappeared was shocking, two more unexpected visitors are about to upset his world in EastEnders.

Their arrival and the startling information they provide cause more rifts between George and his fiancée, Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe), which is ideal for the cunning Cindy.

Cindy has been focusing on her ex-husband George ever since she returned to Albert Square in August, twenty-five years after they parted ways.

Viewers, along with most residents of Albert Square, believed that she had died in jail while giving birth in 1998. She had been convicted of trying to have her husband Ian Beale killed and of attempting to escape the nation.

Under the identity Rose, Cindy had really been under witness protection; it was during this period that she met and wed George.

However, nine years prior, she had disappeared from George’s life and eventually found herself back in France with her former partner Ian Beale, despite her repeated attempts at murder.

She is now committed to establishing herself in Walford and regaining her children’s faith in Gina, George, and Anna.

A knock on the door is heard immediately after Elaine, who is surprised, overhears Cindy asking George whether he’s “happy with his life choices” on New Year’s Day.

After the two go down memory lane on Christmas Day, Elaine is already uneasy.

Elaine becomes concerned when he unexpectedly shows up with his parents, Gloria and Eddie.

Cindy desires to mend her bond with her daughter Gina (Photo courtesy of Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron/BBC)
Eddie and Gloria, George’s parents, have some news for him (Photo: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Additionally, it’s obvious that Eddie and his granddaughter Gina have a major falling out.

However, George won’t tell Elaine the truth about what’s actually happening. He looks to Cindy for comfort since she is aware of his secret—that he is adopted.

And it’s Cindy he turns to when Gloria breaks some stunning news that completely upends his world.

He’ll soon be hiding out on the couch for the night and seeing Cindy in secret as they try to learn everything they can about his adoption.

What startling information does Gloria bring? Will George move in closer proximity to Cindy or come honest with Elaine?

The Knight household is expected to experience significant upheaval upon the arrival of Elizabeth Counsell and Christopher Eubank as Gloria and Eddie, as promised by show creator Chris Clenshaw.

George won’t talk to his fiancée Elaine (Image: Jack Barnes/Broadcast/Kieron McCarron)

“We’re very happy to welcome the renowned and immensely brilliant performers, Christopher and Elizabeth, to the EastEnders family as they bring the characters of Gloria and Eddie to life,” the executive producer stated.

Gloria and Eddie are thrown into the center of the drama as they attempt to reunite with their son, even though George is only expected to be there for a brief period of time. However, it quickly becomes clear why George has maintained his distance.

Elizabeth said, “I can honestly say it has been an amazing delight,” upon joining the show. The EastEnders crew behind the scenes, including the cast, are amazing and really kind.

“I used to work with Colin, and I never would have imagined that over thirty years later, I would be portraying his mother!”

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to join the cast of EastEnders,” Christopher continued. It’s been a pleasure meeting and working with the talented performers in the production; everyone has been very kind.

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