Emmerdale Christmas spoilers: Amit is about to reveal the truth about Rishi’s death, exposing the “murder” secret.

Suni shoves his dad (Image: ITV)

The horrible truth that Amit Sharma (Anil Goutam) has concerning his brother will be revealed on Emmerdale.

The shameful secret of Amit is that he was present when Rishi passed away. In truth, Amit was fighting with the brothers when he grabbed Rishi’s shirt and unintentionally tumbled down the stairs. To protect his own skin, Amit left rather than asking for assistance.

Ignorant of the burden this would cause him, he foolishly revealed the truth to his son Suni (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana).

Unable to bear the weight of it, he confessed Amit’s horrible deed to his partner Nicky (Lewis Cope) right away, vowing him to secrecy.

Later, Nicky provoked Amit with this information, and Amit took the bait and struck Nicky. This action, taken in an attempt to keep the truth from coming to light, started a complete false narrative that Amit is a bigot who attacked Nicky because he is gay.

Amit recently made a bargain with the devil, Caleb, to pursue revenge against assailant Mike after Suni endured a horrific beating in a homophobic attack.

Suni wants the truth to be revealed (Picture: ITV)

Suni feels his dad is being drawn into something sinister, and his own discomfort about keeping Rishi’s identity a secret is killing him. He’s scared to face the possibility that his father has a darker side. If he could just get his father to come clean, he believes he may be able to remedy the issue.

His anxiousness skyrockets as he puts pressure on Amit to tell the truth about the day Rishi passed away.

Amit is trying to build a fresh friendship with Jai (Chris Bisson), but he has no intention of telling him what truly transpired. In what way will Amit silence Suni? Is he going to quiet his own son?

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