Emmerdale spoilers: Tracy and Caleb are ultimately exposed for their Christmas sex scandal.

Who is that? (Image: ITV)

In Emmerdale, Tracy Metcalfe (played by Amy Walsh) and Caleb Milligan (played by William Ash) have been quite open about their liaison.

Their justifications have been weak, each of them has drawn attention to themselves with their peculiar behavior, and they were even exposed by Nicky Milligan, Caleb’s son (Lewis Cope).

A parcel containing suggestive underwear sent for Caleb was also discovered by Tracy’s spouse, Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter).

Though it was only a matter of time until someone else figured out what was going on, at least Nicky vowed to keep it secret.

Nate’s unshakable faith in his wife has kept him fully unaware of Tracy’s adultery. But this confidence may be betrayed on Christmas Day.

Tracy and Nate are celebrating the big day at Butlers Farm as part of Moira Barton’s (Natalie J Robb) ideal family Christmas, which also involves Caleb.

Caleb is too eager to pull this Christmas cracker, so for Tracy, this is a nightmare.

The couple quickly rekindles their passion when they are alone themselves and resist the need to act on their emotions by telling themselves that their family is only a short distance away.

They’re under observation. (Image: ITV)

Tracy makes the decision to stay behind and take care of the kids when everyone else departs later. He offers to stay behind, which Caleb believes appears completely innocent to the outside world.

And lo and behold, they receive their much-needed alone time.

However, they would be gravely mistaken if they believed that their cover tales were clever.

Someone else is hiding in the house as Caleb goes to open his Christmas gift.

They are not alone, and when that someone catches them in the act, their secret is going to be revealed to the world.

Is it possible that Caleb’s spouse is about to arrive in town? Tracy who is cheating will have a harsh awakening.

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