Roxy Shahidi will leave Emmerdale to participate in Dancing on Ice.

Over the next six months, Roxy will be dealing with a lot (Picture: ITV)

As Leyla Harding actor Roxy Shahidi gets ready to compete in Dancing On Ice 2024, two worlds are set to clash in Emmerdale. Legendary ice dancers Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean, who serve as the show’s judges, will be in the village for a Christmas plot.

Roxy informed us that she thought it was “strange” that Torvill and Dean were visiting Emmerdale.

About the day’s filming at a Leeds ice rink for the holiday scenes, she commented, “I genuinely didn’t know how bizarre I would find it until I arrived.”

Emmerdale wasn’t the only show filming here. Torvill, Dean, and my coach, Karen, were present. Though the worlds are combining in a very strange way, the day has been quite enjoyable. When we film anything on site, especially if it’s not frigid, it seems like a field trip. It’s wonderful that we are at least indoors and that it isn’t pouring!

Leyla asks for a favor to bring the skating legends to the Dales for a unique marriage proposal, and it turns out that she is connected to them.

“Considering her profession—wedding planning—Leyla has a ton of expertise,” Roxy reaffirmed to us.

She comes up with the brilliant concept for Torvill and Dean and the ice rink. They seem to owe Leyla a favor. We don’t learn what happened in Mykonos, but something did.

“They are here because they owe her a favor.”

Roxy is under a little pressure as she gets ready for her Dancing On Ice debut since Emmerdale actors, such as actor Joe-Warren Plant, who portrays Leyla’s son Jacob Gallagher, and past champion Matthew Wolfenden, who portrayed David Metcalfe, have a history of success in the ITV competition.

“The entire made-up family who had all danced!” Roxy chuckled. The two, she claimed, had given her

An forthcoming episode featuring Torvill and Dean is scheduled to air (Picture: ITV)

Matthew kept reminding me that it would be a lot of effort, and I would say, “Thank you, Matthew.” You know, he’s actually ice skating in Elf. Just be aware that it will be labor-intensive and that you need take care of yourself. If you push yourself too quickly, you risk injury.

Joe is quite happy. “You’re going to be terrific,” he adds. Joe, don’t put so much pressure on me; I may do poorly. I’m quite sure I’m going to be terrible. But I’ll give it my all.

Roxy stated that while she would be taking a little hiatus from her Emmerdale responsibilities in order to give the competition her best effort, Emmerdale will always be her first priority.

She claimed, “Emmerdale has been extremely fantastic because I declared right from the outset that Emmerdale is my priority.”

Roxy portrays Leyla Harding, the mother of Jacob Gallagher (Image: ITV).

“That’s my work, and I’m not able to multitask.” I can’t become an athlete, learn to ice skate, be a mother, and have a full-time job. They told me, “We’ll simply squeeze you in since we don’t have a big narrative coming up.” They have thus given me permission to stand back and concentrate on Dancing On Ice.

Leyla doesn’t know that Jacob and Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins) are a couple and that David left the village because he found out about it when he was still in Emmerdale.

Roxy informed us that Leyla’s response to this news is probably going to be conflicted.

“I believe she will always be devoted to him in the end, and I believe it will take a cup of tea for her to forgive him.” However, I doubt she will ever like Victoria.

Roxy is currently unaware of any developments for her character in 2019, other than the fact that the first part of the year will be mostly devoted to Dancing On Ice.

Regarding the stories for the first few months of the year, she remarked, “I know that I’m in, I’m absolutely in but I’m not in lots.”

The finale of “Dancing On Ice” is not until March. The plot will be developed, but the scripts won’t be released just yet. I’ll have to go talk to someone because I’m not sure.

She is looking forward to a relaxing Christmas in the meantime before the actual job begins.

“It seems like a lot has happened, and I’m excited to take a break from doing much.” Just the family, some peaceful time, a warm fireplace, mulled wine, and some old 80s movies—that type of thing. “No major adventures,” she remarked.

Furthermore, Roxy made it quite plain when asked if she usually goes ice skating for Christmas:

No. For Christmas, who wants to go ice skating? It’s really cold! Not at all!

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