Coronation Street Christmas spoilers: Carla is dealt a severe blow following Peter’s disastrous leave.

Bobby is Carla’s nephew (Picture: ITV)

The day after Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) departs, Carla Connor (Alison King) is in for a major shock over the holiday season on Coronation Street when her nephew Bobby (Jack Carroll) shows up.

Following his mental health struggles following the death of Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce), Peter comes to terms with the fact that he needs to start again outside of Weatherfield.

Peter and Carla exchange gifts on their last Christmas morning together as they come to grips with the realization that their lives will soon be apart.

After that, the Boxing Day episode will center on Carla and Peter’s time spent together in Weatherfield. The couple realizes they are better off apart as they reflect on their past experiences and enjoy their last dinner together.

After leaving the apartment, Peter is surprised to see his entire family waiting outside, save for Simon Barlow (Alex Bain).

After exchanging tearful goodbyes and promising to stay in contact with Ken Barlow (played by William Roache), he leaves Coronation Street.

The focus then shifts to Carla, as her relatives and friends are concerned about how she would manage without Peter.

It’s a huge distraction for Carla (Picture: ITV)

Carla practically pushes over a boy named Bobby as she storms out of the factory and declares she’s going to work from home for the day.

Later on, Bobby phones Carla at her apartment, and she allows him in, thinking he’s a pizza delivery guy

Carla says that Bobby can stay for a few weeks (Picture: ITV)


Carla is shocked to learn that Bobby is the son of Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis) when he walks in.

Then Bobby starts telling Carla a sob tale, but when she contacts Rob to ask for an update, he gets called out.

Bobby is allowed to remain for a few weeks as long as he abides by Carla’s guidelines.

Sounds easy enough, so why does it seem like Bobby isn’t particularly good at obeying the rules?

Actress Alison King stated, “What Bobby entering this position does is jolt her out of slipping into the doldrums and being all contemplative.”

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