Emma Atkins of Emmerdale discusses if Charity is willing to kill in order to save Mack, who is abducted.

How far would she be able to go? (Image: ITV)

Emma Atkins as Charity Dingle in Emmerdale is a fierce and bold character who never backs down from a battle, particularly when it’s for someone she loves.

However, during the holiday episodes, she faces off against Chloe’s father (Jessie Elland), who she believes may have something to do with Mackenzie’s (Lawrence Robb) disappearance.

The long-running plot’s dramatic conclusion was recently hinted at by Emma, who said: “There’s basically a moment for Charity when she sees Chloe with a total stranger who she’s never seen before and it awakens her curiosity instantly.”

“Who’s the guy with Chloe?” she asks. Then she begins to remark, “Wait a minute, Mackenzie’s not here.” Something feels off about this. This seems really off. And after that, she sets out on a quest to learn the terrible reality about Mackenzie’s situation.

That is, Mackenzie is imprisoned in an abandoned warehouse by Chloe’s father. We also know that he’s not a guy to be trifled with because Chloe’s father, Harry/Damon (Robert Beck), is the same man who abducted Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and held her restrained and gagged in a vehicle trunk. He also viciously beat up Caleb (William Ash).

Charity enlists Chas’s assistance after realizing that Mack’s absence may have something to do with Chloe’s dad. It’s Chas who discovers who they are dealing with.

“And Chas goes, “Oh my God.” Harry is there,” Emma remarked.

“The one who abducted me.” Charity was obviously nowhere to be found throughout that time. Charity then realizes, “Hang on, Mackenzie has been missing for a few days,” as her head begins to spin. “This isn’t only a coincidence; given that he abducted you, what else is in store for him?”

Mackenzie has desperately searched for Chloe and Reuben (Picture: ITV)

Mack is stranded and alone himself (Image: ITV)

Charity makes the snap decision to go with Harry and Chas.

Emma went on, “so now Chas is experiencing PTSD from her encounter.” Charity is obviously unable to complete the task by herself, so they follow the ruckus to an abandoned warehouse. Unfortunately, by the time they arrive, the cars have already split up, so they are unable to determine Charity’s exact location.

“There, they embark on a journey to try to find Mackenzie, and it turns out to be a very unpleasant experience.”

Emma clarified that Charity is in full Dingle mode after learning what’s occurred.

Being a Dingle is a sin, isn’t it right? They ought to contact the police, of course. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the Dingles, but they seem to assume they can handle things on their own without assistance from outsiders, which leads to a terrible circumstance.

Chas knows full well how deadly Harry can be, but Emma disclosed that Charity will stop at nothing to make sure Mackenzie is safe.

“I feel that love is blind.” She is completely devoted to Mackenzie and would stop at nothing to ensure his well-being. I suppose that’s when morality simply vanishes from the picture.

If she loved the man, would she murder for him?

“I suppose you’ll discover,” Emma jokingly said.

“I don’t think she’s naturally inclined to kill people.” But if it meant defending the ones she loves the most, I believe she maybe could and would. I believe that we all possess the ability to defend that. Who knows, though?

It’s likely that when wicked Harry ultimately draws a pistol and a shot is fired, someone may fall to the ground and have to battle for their life.

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