Emmerdale Christmas teasers: aggressive and Belle Tom was having a “romantic” moment when famous people appeared.

Belle is preparing a grand surprise. (Image: ITV)

In Emmerdale, Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) is about to make a decision that will change her life. She declined Tom’s first proposal, but now she’s prepared to wed him.

Belle cracked her skull on the coffee table when Tom (James Chase) asked her out the first time, pushing her out of his wrath when she said no. Since something didn’t feel right, she had said no.

However, Belle has dismissed all of it and called the occurrence a coincidence. Belle makes the decision to ask Tom to marry her after hearing Chas (Lucy Pargeter) in her ear about it.

As much as Chas is, actress Eden said, “Propose, propose!” Belle is undoubtedly thinking, “He’s the love of my life—why not?” in my opinion.

Has the table mishap really been the beginning of something extraordinary for the two? Actor James called it a “freak accident.” Or is Tom only repressing a darker side?

“I believe that [the coffee table incident] was just something that happened, sadly, but I think it just shows how strong their love is and how great Belle is that she’s able to get over it,” James said in an attempt to convince viewers that Tom isn’t a rotten egg.

“Wow, this is so beautiful and romantic right now, that’s where they’re going.”

The episode features the renowned twin act (Picture: ITV)

I’m not sure if he perceives what we do. It appears like Belle is choosing to ignore all of the warning signs.

Belle tries her hand at marriage, but her first effort backfires when Sam (James Hooton) pulls her off for a surprise birthday.

Moving on to plan number two, she enlists Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) to assist her in creating the ideal moment.

Belle goes all out in an attempt to make it really special. The following day, Leyla and Tom find themselves leading him into an ice rink while wearing blindfolds. When the blindfold is taken off, Belle is shown down on one knee in the middle of a proposal scene, surrounded by his favorite celebrities, Torvill and Dean, leaving Tom stunned.

The surprise knocks him flat, and he says yes right away, even though Eden admitted that the ring was “one that we took from a cracker.”

Real Torvill and Dean skate over and give Tom, who is fulfilling a boyhood fantasy, a new wave of intense delight after becoming engaged.

Although Tom’s actions at the last proposal appear to have been forgotten, is Belle putting herself in danger of failing badly, even in spite of actor James’s assurances?

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