Emmerdale spoilers: A significant figure is shot in a terrible Christmas tragedy

A major confrontation will put many characters in jeopardy. (Image: ITV)

This Christmas, a number of Emmerdale people will be in grave danger when someone gets shot in gruesome scenes.

Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb), who agreed to marry Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) while concealing the fact that he was the father of his first child with Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland), has had a rollercoaster year.

He’s been divided between them for the whole year, but when he decided in an instant to save Charity over Chloe when their car was about to go over a cliff, that’s when he realized where his true affections lay.

After surviving and being rejected by Mack, Chloe decided to flee with her baby Reuben and seek her father, Damon Harris (Robert Beck), for assistance.

Fans will be more familiar with Damon from his role as criminal Harry, who earlier this year abducted Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter), making even the infamous Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) shudder.

In recent scenes, Damon has taken Mack captive in an abandoned factory as a form of retaliation for how Mack treated Chloe.

Actor Lawrence Robb noted, “Mackenzie discovers the live truth of what Damon is and what he’s capable of when he is tied up in the warehouse.”

It was a lot of fun to film. Yes, it was very clever. quite chilly. That’s the reason I predicted that this year’s Christmas would be chilly. It was a ton of fun.

Charity will become more concerned about her missing colleague as Mack’s experience continues, and soon she and Chas will begin to piece together what has occurred when they see Damon pushing Chloe into the back of a car after realizing that she had released Mack.

Deadly mobster Damon is Chloe’s father (Picture: ITV)

She was surprised to discover Mack’s condition when she and Damon arrive to the plant, but sadly, her attempts to save him had failed.

Unaware that they are no longer alone in the workshop with Mack, a heated argument breaks out between the father and daughter as Damon gets ready to give Mack another pounding.

Chas and Charity stealthily go through the factory as Damon and Chloe are yelling at one other. Just as Charity is about to contact the police, one of Damon’s heavies catches Chas.

Actress Emma Atkins disclosed, “Chas is experiencing PTSD as a result of her experience.” Charity is obviously unable to complete the task by herself, so they follow the ruckus to an abandoned warehouse. Unfortunately, by the time they arrive, the cars have already split up, so they are unable to determine Charity’s exact location.

“There, they embark on a journey to try to find Mackenzie, and it turns out to be a very unpleasant experience.”

Fortunately, Charity thinks quickly and uses a board of wood to release Chas. She then dashes off to phone the police, leaving Charity to continue exploring the facility on her own.

Mack gently urges her to keep away as she gets closer to the location where Damon is holding Mack at gunpoint, but Charity ignores him and jumps to his defense.

She is devoted to Mackenzie and would stop at nothing to ensure his well-being. So that’s one similarity between them. I suppose that’s when morality simply vanishes from the picture.

A pistol goes off as Charity and Damon grapple, but who was hit?

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