Spoilers for EastEnders: Elaine Peacock’s New Year’s catastrophe is disclosed amid fears over George Knight’s infidelity

It will undoubtedly be a difficult few weeks (Image: BBC).

When 2024 starts on EastEnders, George Knight (Colin Salmon) is in for a surprise when his parents Gloria and Eddie show up in Walford.

Before then, George’s affections for Cindy (Michelle Collins) will be tested again during the holiday season.

Anna (Molly Rainford) and Gina (Francesca Henry) go to the Beales for lunch on Christmas Day.

Cindy sneaks over to the pub to ask George over for a drink after seeing he’s alone himself there.

As Cindy and George go down memory lane and talk about their shared past, the Beales—Ian (Adam Woodyatt) and Elaine (Harriet Thorpe)—become envious.

Upon observing Elaine’s distress, George impulsively resolves to con her into believing he has secured a hotel stay for her.

Ian and Elaine are envious on Christmas Day (Picture: BBC)

George unintentionally dissuades Elaine from going back to the pub to get some things she needs for the night while dodging the mayhem that is erupting at their favorite bar.

Elaine is still having trouble on New Year’s Day, while Cindy is making an effort to get closer to George.

Eddie and Gloria show up to visit George (BBC image)

After that, she sees Cindy asking George if he’s satisfied with his life decisions. But, before George can respond, his parents show up out of the blue.

Elaine is worried about George’s response to his parents’ presence in the aftermath, but he won’t talk to her.

Gloria is overjoyed to see Gina and Anna again as she and Eddie settle in, but there seems to be tension between Eddie and his oldest grandchild.

Gloria eventually tells George a startling information during a conversation, but how will he respond?

And what effect will it have on his connection with Elaine?

Eddie and Gloria will be portrayed by Elizabeth Counsell and Christopher Fairbank. “We’re very happy to welcome the famous and immensely brilliant performers, Christopher and Elizabeth, to the EastEnders family as they bring the characters of Gloria and Eddie to life,” said showrunner Chris Clenshaw in reference to the new cast members.

Gloria and Eddie are thrown into the center of the drama as they attempt to reunite with their son, even though George is only expected to be there for a brief period of time. However, it quickly becomes clear why George has maintained his distance.

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