A previous star of Coronation Street will “replace” the actor who assumed the role by “bringing back” the actor.

Fans of Coronation Street were shocked earlier this week when Max Turner was “replaced” in a specific scene in the most recent episode of the ITV soap opera.

Paddy Bever portrays the character, who was having a conversation with his loved ones in the Platt household’s living room about how important it is to resolve the problem in their family.

The conversation was facilitated by Gail (Helen Worth), who hoped to persuade her tribe that harboring resentment is, quite simply, pointless. However, a backdrop shot slightly diverted viewers’ attention from expert Gail’s sage advice.

The image in question, which was resting on No. 8’s window sill, showed son Max being hugged by Kylie Platt (Paula Lane), who was sadly slain in 2016.

But technically there were two Maxs in the same scene because Max was performed by former star Harry McDermott, who held the part for ten years before Paddy took over in 2021.

Perish the thought.

The photo of Harry McDermott, who previously played Max, could be seen in the background (Picture: ITV)
Paddy Bever, who plays Max currently, was seated close by (Image: ITV).

Some shocked Twitter users claim that while we’ve heard of performers being brought in to take over a part when a prior star leaves the Street, having two at the same time is really winning.

One social media user commented, “They haven’t bothered updating the photographs to the new Max,” while another said, “OMG you’d think they’d alter this if it’s a new actor.”

How daring of them not to update an outdated photo. We just will never go past it. It isn’t as though the Platt family has been consumed with the idea of a real serial murderer residing among them. Their first concern ought to have been updating a family portrait!

The parts of us that were more engaged in the scenario itself had to laugh at David (Jack P Shepherd), who was the first to propose that Gail take a similar stance on her resentment of her adversary Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver).

To the delight of her loved ones, Gail, however, bit back and insisted that her conflict with Eileen is more of a “feud” than a “grudge,” saying she plans to carry it with her into the hereafter.

Gail, never change. never alter.

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