After a year of unsuccessful auditions, Helen Flanagan discusses rejection.

Helen Flanagan, a former Coronation Street star, spoke her about the rejection she received this year after “solidly auditioning.”

On Wednesday’s Lorraine, Helen, who portrayed Rosie Webster in the ITV serial opera, said to host Ranvir Singh that she wished to work on a project in the next year.

“When you do auditions, I remember there was one when I got down to the last two and I was absolutely heartbroken,” the woman remarked.

She clarified that it was for stage after being questioned if it was a TV project. It was just something I’ve always wanted to pursue, but I believe the hardest part of getting rejected from auditions is handling them.

Beginning in 2000, when Rosie Webster was just ten years old, Helen portrayed the character for eighteen years. 2018 saw her quit the soap opera in order to have a baby.

Following her appearance in the 2012 original series, Helen was last seen on our screens earlier this year in I’m a Celebrity‚Ķ South Africa.

Helen expressed that she was “gutted” not to get the part (Picture: Getty)

Helen, who was 22 years old when she first participated in the Australian version of the challenge, said that it was “a terrific diversion, sure.”

On her ITV breakfast program, she went on to tell Lorraine how the jungle gave her the opportunity to take stock of her desires and rediscover them.

“Not you or your mother Helen,” What do I truly want to accomplish since I feel like I’m at a good place where I’m rediscovering who I am?

On the ITV soap opera, the actress portrayed Rosie Webster (Picture:: ITV)

The soap actress stated, “I’ve had the time of my life. I’ve absolutely had the nicest time, and I am so thankful,” when discussing her experience at camp with Ant and Dec. I was aware that I wouldn’t be good at the task.

In the past, the Rosie Webster actress emphasized how much she wanted to please her kids.

“Your children are a superpower that you have behind you.” No greater authority. They make us proud every day, but this time you’ll get to make them proud too, she remarked.

With football player Scott Sinclair of Bristol Rovers, her former fiancé, Helen has three children. The ex-couple, who parted ways in July 2022, is the parent of two daughters and one son, born in March 2021.

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