Emmerdale’s Zoe Henry discusses her “primal instinct” and shares what she would do if she were in Rhona’s shoes.

It’s really a difficult circumstance. (Image: ITV)

This year in Emmerdale, Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) and Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) are hosting unexpected guests for Christmas dinner, so tensions will be high.

Recently, Rhona learned that Gus Malcolms (Alan McKenna), her ex-husband, had utilized several embryos that he and Rhona had stored during their IVF treatment in secret.

Even though Rhona had forbidden him from using the embryos with his wife Lucy, Gus had stolen her passport in order to have access to the embryos.

Gus was saddened when Lucy passed away soon after giving birth to baby Ivy. As for Rhona, as soon as the baby was delivered, her wrath gave way to other feelings.

She had gone on and hadn’t really looked back, so I think she assumed, “Well, those embryos will have gone.” As Zoe Henry clarified.

So how could you not want to go see what’s going on and meet her when you’re suddenly faced with it? Naturally, when you see her, how are you going to leave that?

As we’ve previously seen, Rhona can’t help but see the infant in the hospital, which prompts Mary (Louise Jameson) to act.

Ivy’s biological mother is Rhona (Picture: ITV).

“You need to focus on your children and your husband and you need to stay away from Ivy, so I will go and make sure Gus is coping,” stated Rhona’s mother in an attempt to keep her away. Zoe informed us.

That’s the deal they reach, and then, just before Christmas, Mary unexpectedly shows up to Smithy Cottage with Gus and Ivy because they’re having a lot of trouble coping. When the infant develops severe diaper rash, Mary just says, “I don’t know what to do.”

Gus and Ivy decide to remain for Christmas, which makes things challenging for everyone. However, Zoe informed us that Rhona’s condition is much easier than the rest of the family’s.

She said, “I think Rhona has that primordial instinct and I go back to it.” “The sensation of understanding that your child, an entity to which you are attached, desires nothing more than for you to hold and tend to her.” Even though she didn’t carry this child and it’s buried in her memories from fifteen years ago, her instinct is incredibly powerful.

Rhona doesn’t see it that way, despite Mary and Marlon’s advice to be practical—the kid is Gus’s, and they will be going as soon as he can handle things better.

“I believe the fantasy would be for Gus to vanish in a cloud of smoke and for Ivy to move in with her, but that’s not going to happen, is it?” Zoe conjectured.

And I doubt that she would have the courage to tell anyone, let alone herself, that. In a moment with Mary, I believe, she hesitantly states that’s what she wants, but it’s one of those things where she’s not really comfortable saying it out. However, it is the ideal.

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