Finally putting the record straight about Pete Wicks’ relationship, Danielle Harold of EastEnders

Danielle Harold, an EastEnders actor, made light of her supposed relationship with Pete Wicks following her time on I’m A Celebrity.

The 31-year-old actress of Lola Pearce was questioned about her relationship with the 35-year-old former Towie star after photos of them appeared intimate in Australia.

Danielle, the fifth person removed on Tuesday’s episode of Loose Women, said to the panel, “We’ve been laughing so much.”

No, thank God, we’ve been laughing so much. Pete and I are just close friends, but when we go out, you go out with all your friends and family. have been for years, but we’ve been chuckling heartily about it.

I Won As A Celebrity In addition, Sam Thompson made light of the circumstance on his podcast, Staying Relevant.

He declared, “Pete became linked to every single individual out there.”

The fifth person to go was Danielle (Photo: James Gourley/ITV/Shutterstock).
“Pete and I are just close pals.” (Image: Getty)

He was connected to several people, including Nick Pickard’s girlfriend Sarah, Danielle [Harold], Zara [McDermott], and at one time Rochelle [Humes]. There weren’t many ladies around anymore, in my opinion, to associate with.

Danielle’s persona Lola was diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this year, and she passed away. The poignant plot centered on how Lola’s sickness affected her close friends and family as well as the Walford neighborhood.

In the aftermath, Jay was heavily emphasized, even going so far as to use narcotics in an attempt to dull his feelings, while characters like Ben (Max Bowden) and Billy (Perry Fenwick) battled their loss.

In the course of the story, Jay began paying Nadine (Jazzy Phoenix), a prostitute, to share a bed with him.

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