Watch this Coronation Street spoiler video to see Carla Connor make a significant choice after learning Peter Barlow’s secret.

When Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) is about to leave Coronation Street, he tells Carla Connor (Alison King) important news, and she quickly makes a significant choice.

Since murdering Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce), Peter has experienced mental health issues.

DS Swain (Vicky Myers) stated there was no grounds to arrest Peter once fresh material surfaced, despite the initial appearance that he would do time in prison for the experience.

Peter, stranded on the cobblestones, has continuously struggled with the need to use alcohol as an emotional narcotic.

Carla want to stand by Peter (Image: ITV)

Peter has frequently attended AA meetings since he is aware of the risks associated with relapsing, but in this new video, it is clear that he is prepared to take things a step further.

Carla soon discovers that Peter, who has been cleaning, is concealing something when she gets back to the apartment.

Carla wants to support Peter (Picture: ITV)

Knowing the dangers that would come with relapsing, Peter has regularly attended AA meetings but in this new video, we see he’s ready to go a step further.

When Carla returns to the flat, she quickly realises Peter – who has been cleaning – is hiding something.

For Peter, it’s a significant step (Image: ITV).
Peter says he wants to talk to the family of his liver donor after getting in touch with his support nurse.

He continues by saying that the donor’s mother is dropping by this afternoon, and that meeting them would “reinforce his sobriety.”

Though surprised by the abrupt revelation, Carla says she’ll rearrange some things at work so she can support her boyfriend.

Carla will eventually discover the full nature of Peter’s problems and come to the realization that he would benefit much from leaving Weatherfield behind as a result of these scenes broadcast prior to his departure.

According to Alison King, “Peter starts getting postcards and notes from his mate on the yacht begging him to go and join him, and she starts to realize that he’s extremely enthusiastic.”

It’s the first time something has diverted his attention from the situation in a long time. She politely declines his invitation to accompany him, presumably because she has to focus on getting the plant back up and running.

And I believe it’s from him that she realizes they have different goals and that he’s fighting for the company. It’s dawning on her that she cannot. She begins to feel depressed and is content to continue living on her own.

And she has a gradually sinking sensation that perhaps it’s time for them to pursue their own interests; we had it, and it was amazing, but perhaps it’s time for that to end.

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