Brian Conley’s “upsetting” EastEnders departure is revealed by Gillian Taylforth.

There’s no way back for Kathy and Rocky (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

As Brian Conley is poised to depart EastEnders, Gillian Taylforth predicts a “upsetting” conclusion for the characters. In recent scenes, Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) has finally learned the truth about Rocky Cotton’s (Brian Conley) burning of her beloved café.

When Kathy first met Rocky, she felt she had finally found the one, but he repeatedly lied to her, so it was not to be.

“It’s unfortunate that after giving him several opportunities, she has given up on him. It’s disgusting to learn that he intended to hold her accountable for the café fire and her grandchildren’s near death.”

Gillian acknowledged that although Kathy finally found the will to end things and give him the boot, it wasn’t an easy choice for her to make.

She still loves him even after she tells him, “That’s it, I’ve had enough now, get out of my life.” She still has feelings for him, but there’s that terrible conflict between her love and her hatred of what he’s done. However, she still genuinely loves him in her heart.

Could this be the catalyst for Rocky’s departure, given that their relationship appears to be ending?

Gillian said, “I can’t tell you what happens, but things with Rocky will happen and it’s going to be really distressing.” Brian Conley has departed, then. He’s quite charming. In fact, he was a pleasure to deal with.

“I couldn’t have been happier to wear a bridal dress.” (Image: BBC)

She still has a great affection for him, even though I don’t think she will forgive him for this.

Rocky and Kathy haven’t had it all terrible; in fact, Gillian said that one of her favorite events of the year was their wedding.

“Having never been married before, I really loved that.” I couldn’t wait to put on a bridal gown. I really need to go out more! That was great fun, especially with beautiful Brian Conley. I truly loved him, and I still do; he’s not dead, I promise!

Although Brian is fortunately still very much alive, Rocky may not be in January considering that he is among the males who might pass away on Christmas Day.

Could Kathy have witnessed Rocky’s death, which would explain their disturbing ending? Or was there a chance she may murder him herself?

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