Christmas spoilers for EastEnders: a dramatic union, retaliation, and horrifying demise

Who is dead and who is married in Bride and Doom? (Image: BBC)

We’ve all been waiting for this week, and no, we’re not talking about Christmas dinner, presents, or inebriated charades.

The Yuletide episodes of EastEnders eventually identify the Albert Square man who is killed as part of The Six strike, after nearly a year of suspense.

The unfortunate marriage of Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) and Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) begins, but it is unavoidably doomed from the beginning, while Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) must endure the anger of her violent husband Nish (Navin Chowdhry).

While Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) longs for the rapist Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) to be permanently removed from her life, Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) must confront the fallout from her recent deeds in another scene.

The confrontation with Queen Vic is the climax, but who perishes and who is the murderer?

As Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) has George Knight (Colin Salmon) in her sights, someone else is closing in for the kill.

Will he give in to the pressure?

Christmas Day

The drama on Christmas Day starts (Picture: ITV)

As Walford locals get ready for a day of celebrations, Christmas fever is in full flow. While Sharon tries to hide her remorse, she and Keanu get ready for their wedding day at No. 43 with Zack and Martin.

As she and Albie go down the aisle at the church, Sharon is a vision in white. Just before Phil gets there, Sharon and Keanu are about to exchange vows.

As they attempt to make sense of the day’s events, Denise, Kathy, Linda, Sharon, Stacey, and Suki return to The Vic in search of comfort. However, none of them could have guessed what would happen next, and in an instant, their lives are irrevocably altered as a Walford man meets his end in The Vic. C/H

After an emotional discussion with Karen, Bernie attempts to put on a brave face as she wakes up alone in No. 23B without heat or power and begs Keanu to talk to Sharon so that their mother may return home.

Fearing that word might get out about his participation in Albie’s kidnapping, Keanu declines and does not invite Bernie to the wedding. Gathering the bravery, Bernie goes to No. 55 to stop the Mitchell family’s boisterous Christmas meal and insist on seeing Phil.

Suki is about to depart Walford when an unexpected guest stops her in her tracks. Before the Slaters have a joyous family meal, Stacey picks up Charli, and tensions between her and Jack are evident elsewhere.

Suki shows up later as she gets ready to permanently depart Walford. Vinny calls Suki in a panic, telling her to come back to No. 41.

At No. 45, Anna and Gina had Christmas lunch with Cindy and the Beales. Cindy slips over to The Vic to sneak George a drink after she finds out he’s alone there setting up for Keanu and Sharon’s wedding reception.

Later, Elaine and Ian become jealous as Cindy and George take a trip down memory lane at No.45. Sensing Elaine’s upset, George thinks on his feet and lies that he’s booked her a romantic trip away in a hotel.  

Jack heads to No.41 to check in on Suki under false pretences, but Jack is the last person Suki wants help from and she dismisses him.    

Back at No.55, The Mitchell’s receive a surprise video message from Lola who reveals that Jay and Honey are both running the London Marathon. With Lola’s words about family ringing true, Phil heads to The Vic…

Boxing Day

The pandemonium from Christmas Day persists (Image: BBC)

Six of the cherished matriarchs of Walford are working extremely hard to cope with the aftermath of what happened on Christmas Day.

George talks Elaine out of going back to The Vic to get some things she needs for the night as they unintentionally stay out of the turmoil going on inside.

Wednesday December 27  

Ashton’s cries wake Whitney (Picture: BBC)

For The Six, the horror doesn’t end.

Ashton wakes up crying after hearing sounds outside, and Whitney responds by comforting him. Zack and her are at odds because he can’t seem to get close to Ashton.

Felix takes advantage of the tragedy of another company and intends to earn handsomely on Boxing Day at The Albert while the Square reels from the recent occurrences.

Thursday December 2

Excitement surrounds Sonia and Reiss’s impending embryo transfer (Picture: BBC)

When Elaine returns from her short vacation, she is horrified to hear about what happened on Christmas Day.

At No. 25, as they are ready to take the next step toward motherhood, Sonia and Reiss talk eagerly about their impending embryo transfer.

A Walford resident overhears something she shouldn’t have and can’t help but spread the rumors as the town’s citizens struggle to process the recent occurrences.

Friday December 29

Whitney and Zack consider what happened. (Image: BBC)

Elaine moves forward with her plan to unite the people of Albert Square against the advise of Gina and Anna.

However, when feelings are running high, things don’t go as planned.

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