Emmerdale Christmas spoilers: a shocking revelation, a magical proposal, and a tragic shooting

This Christmas, love and treachery in The Dales (Image: ITV)

A particularly dramatic Emmerdale Christmas, when lives are on the line and passions are burning, throws people’s lives into disarray.

While enjoying holiday fun, Tracy Shankley (Amy Walsh) and Caleb Miligan (William Ash) take a chance that they shouldn’t, and soon they’re caught.

However, the threat they confront pales in comparison to what evil Damon (Robert Beck) poses to Mack Boyd (Lawrence Robb).

A shot is fired while being held at gunpoint, but who is the victim?

A different family is experiencing chaos while Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) tries to manage his new houseguests.

Can he get over his annoyances and reconcile with her over Christmas dinner?

In another storyline, Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) makes an unexpected marriage proposal.

Christmas Eve

Caleb and Tracy are discovered kissing. (Image: ITV)

When a gunshot is heard among the horror of the hostage situation, Mackenzie is in danger and things become serious.

As Christmas at Butler’s gets underway, Caleb and Tracy soon have a heated moment to themselves.

When everyone has left a bit later, Tracy remains behind to watch the youngsters. Caleb and Tracy receive the alone time they had been longing for when they offer to stay back with her.

Before long, someone manages to catch Tracy and Caleb in the act.

A picture-perfect Christmas morning is marred elsewhere when Marlon pushes Gus to the brink and then takes off.

Boxing Day

Suni and Amit converse with Laurel (Image: ITV)
When Suni presses Amit to confess the truth about the day Rishi passed away, Amit becomes nervous.

Rhona, meantime, attempts to conceal her discomfort.

Aaron is in a desperate search for information elsewhere.

Wednesday, December 27

Leyla helps Belle (Picture: ITV)

Chas challenges Belle to reconsider the proposal, and while this gives her some food for thought, Sam pulls her away for a surprise birthday party, which ends up being another setback for Belle.

Belle devises a fresh strategy with Leyla’s assistance.

Mary offers an idea as Suni fills Nicky in.

Thursday, December 28.

Belle asks Tom to marry her (Image: ITV)

Leyla leads a blindfolded Tom onto an ice rink. When he discovers that Belle has prepared a proposal with Torvill and Dean’s assistance, he is enthralled.

When Tom says yes, Belle is overjoyed. Tom gets all fanboy-ish as Torvill and Dean skate by.

In order to go to the party in Hotten, Heath and Cathy devise a scheme.

Friday December 29

Cathy and Heath have a scheme. (Image: BBC)

Tom gives Belle his mother’s ring.

In the meantime, Nicola persuades Bob to assist her.

Heath and Cathy are planning something else.

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