Lucy Fallon of Coronation Street explains her desire for more Bethany adversity.

The actress Lucy Fallon is making a comeback to Coronation Street, and she knows just how she wants her character Bethany Platt’s story to end.

While she relishes the challenge, the 28-year-old actress hopes Bethany has difficult times in the future.

During her appearance on Lorraine, an ITV afternoon show, she said, “I would like great things to happen to Bethany.”

But I can’t lie—I want her to experience some terrible things! I enjoy working on projects that are juicy and satisfying.

The beloved character from Corrie has already had some really difficult plots, such as one about preparing her for leave.

Her amazing and delicate portrayal of the narrative earned her Best Actress and Best Female Dramatic Performance awards at the 2018 British Soap Awards.

Resurring as Bethany Platt is Lucy Fallon (Picture: ITV)

After that, Lucy left the ITV soap opera for four years, but she is thrilled to be back on the cobbles.

“It’s the greatest choice I’ve ever made,” she declared.

“I’m just really pleased because that show has some of my dearest friends, and it’s just the nicest place to work.”

In response to a question from Lorraine Kelly’s replacement, Louise Minchin, Lucy said, “It was, it felt like the first day back at school.”

Lucy wants Bethany to deal with difficult situations (Image: ITV/Danielle Baguley)

When I returned to the show after almost four years away, I wondered if I would remember my lines. Will the folks recognize me when I enter the building? Are people going to ask, “Who is this girl?”

“I was somewhat anxious at first, but after a few days, I felt as though I had never left.”

Lucy welcomed her one-year-old baby, Sonny, with football player Ryan Ledson after taking a hiatus from Corrie.

He’s quite beautiful. He’s almost one now, which amazes me. It’s really fantastic; Ryan, Sonny, and I have a great setup. We make a decent little team, she said.

Lucy finds the juggling enjoyable. (Image: Lucy Fallon/Instagram)

“It’s a juggle, but it’s sort of great because I’ve got a little bit of my old me back which I think sometimes you may lose when you have a kid,” says Lucy about juggling motherhood and work.

Lucy has resumed filming in her role, and over the holiday season, Bethany is expected to return to Weatherfield.

Since 2020, Bethany has been employed in London. She decided to pursue her new job after falling in love with Daniel, who was also having a difficult time dealing with Sinead Tinker’s passing at the same time.

Daniel and Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) are presently dating, but when Bethany returns, things will get even more complex because Daisy is already having second thoughts about her emotions for Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott).

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