Christmas spoilers for Coronation Street show show a tearful farewell to the legend, happy tears at good news, and the arrival of a long-lost relative.

During its Christmas week programming, Corrie presents a range of emotions, making it a must-watch this holiday season (Picture: ITV).

Fans of the ITV serial opera Coronation Street will probably remember their Christmas trips because of the shocking exits, significant disclosures, and impending major news.

The joyous occasion is not devoid of melancholy; after 23 years, Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) is scheduled to leave the street named after him. This leads to several poignant moments with Carla Connor (Alison King), one of which we’ve included here.

Carla not only has to bid farewell to her one and only true love, but she also gets a surprising surprise when a long-lost relative unexpectedly appears on her doorstep and reveals his name.

Sadness is also present at the Baileys, where Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) is troubled by the burglary, while Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) and Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) are in the Kabin receiving some very important news.

News that brings tears of joy—a rare occurrence in soap operas.

Metro gives you a sneak peek at all the happiness and sadness that lie ahead each week with these exclusive video. Thank you very much.

Christmas Eve

Despite the recent theft, the Baileys try their best to embrace the holiday spirit on Christmas morning. But after the event and the knowledge that Aggie is still away, Ed isn’t in the mood to rejoice.

The father is shocked to find his gift, a watch with the words “world’s best dad” on it.

Boxing Day

Peter and Carla share memories of their past romance while snuggling on the couch. Knowing that he must go, Peter continues to congratulate Carla, who finds it difficult to contain her emotions as they realize that this is the end of their marriage.

Before Peter leaves, the cherished pair enjoys one last day together and exchanges a passionate kiss.

Wednesday, December 27

When Bobby, a young man, shows up at Carla’s door and says he’s Rob Donovan’s son—that is, he’s her nephew—she’s shocked.

Carla is shocked to learn that Rob is not a father since, as far as she is aware. I wonder if she’ll believe him. And if so, now that Peter has left, is Bobby’s coming something she can look forward to?

December 29, Friday

Jenny is on the phone, checking to see whether their bid for the Rovers has been accepted, while Daisy is tense. Before telling Daisy that they now officially own the bar and can reopen in the New Year, Jenny lets her think that they missed out.

Enthralled, Daisy and Jenny embrace, signifying the unique occasion when harmony is reestablished.

These scenes from Coronation Street will be shown on ITV1 and ITVX on Monday, December 25.

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