EMMER-HELL At Emmerdale’s Christmas, Marlon Dingle hits a breaking point when Gus takes his place.

GIREF-STRICKEN Gus Malcolms, who finds it difficult to adjust to parenthood, has moved in with his ex-wife Rhona Goskirk.

But Marlon Dingle finds the arrangement annoying in future scenes from Emmerdale, which are set to air before Christmas.

Christmas with Marlon and Rhona for GusCredit: ITV
However, Marlon is finding the arrangement difficult.Regards: ITV

Earlier this year, Gus Malcolms (played by Alan McKenna) went too far by exploiting the frozen embryos of his ex-wife Rhona.

And although his effort at parenthood paid off, as he was able to bring Ivy into the world, it also resulted in his wife Lucy’s death in recently shown scenes on ITV.

Rhona, meantime, has had difficulty adjusting to her unplanned bond with Ivy, whom she still views as her own kid in spite of the situation.

Rhona said that she was starting to feel drawn to the newborn on a recent trip to the Yorkshire Dales, and it was even rumored that she was attempting to take Ivy away from her father.

When Rhona’s mother Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) noticed that Gus was struggling to adjust to his new role as a widower and single father, she made the decision to have him move in with Ivy at Smithy Cottage.

Regretfully, Mark Charnock’s character Marlon Dingle cannot confront Gus and Ivy without it upsetting Rhona in his own marriage.

Now, a picture-perfect Christmas morning is ruined when Marlon pushes Gus to the brink and walks out.

Dominic Brunt’s character Paddy Kirk reminds him that Gus is in mourning and that he’s persuaded to attempt to salvage Christmas.

Later, Marlon whips up an amazing supper that leaves Gus speechless.

With a tearful glass to family and friends, Christmas is back on track.

However, when Gus is away and Rhona and Marlon are taking care of Ivy, things escalate once more.

Rhona subsequently confirms Marlon’s suspicions by acknowledging that she has grown to love Ivy as if she were her own child.

She begs him, nonetheless, to assist them in making this work in their family.

What will Marlon decide, though, and might it cause the two to become irreconcilably divided?

Viewers of the Yorkshire-based soap opera have been worried about Marlon and Rhona as it is obvious that the town veterinarian cannot ignore her bond with little Ivy.

Marlon has made an effort to comprehend, but with Gus around, things could become harder for him to manage, especially after a shock stroke last year put his health in danger.

Could Marlon be experiencing too much stress?

ITV broadcasts Emmerdale weeknights at 7:30 p.m.

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