Emmerdale spoilers: Mack Boyd is in danger of dying, despite Chloe Harris’ best efforts to rescue him.

Chloe changed her mind (Image: ITV)

Following the abduction of Mack Boyd (Lawrence Robb) by Chloe Harris’s (Jessie Elland) father Damon (Robert Beck) in Emmerdale last week, Mack Boyd is now afraid for his life.

But tonight, December 22, it appeared as though his agony might soon come to an end when Chloe changed her mind about taking retribution.

The idea was to try to persuade Mack to give Reuben ownership of his rights so that he would be unable to contact his kid.

As Chloe was trying to get him to sign, she heard Damon answering a call and took advantage of the chance to let him free.

She took out a knife, cut the cords that bound his wrists, and gave him clear directions on how to escape the shuttered factory. She also warned him that Damon’s goal had always been to murder him, regardless of whether he had signed or not.

The two acted as if nothing had happened when Damon returned to the room, and Chloe even gave Mack a quick smack across the face.

Mack had to complete the last portion of his escape on his own as she departed with Damon.

Emma Atkins’ character Charity Dingle was distraught as she attempted to reach him and eventually decided to report him missing to the authorities.

She quickly learned, though, that there was nothing they could do, which was devastating news.

Mack’s situation was about to worsen when Damon received a call from one of his heavies and quickly returned to the plant.

He saw that the ropes had been cut when he looked over them, which indicated that someone had to have assisted Mack in getting away.

Sadly, he didn’t last very long since we soon witnessed Damon’s heavyweights around him and Damon signaling for them to approach closer.

Is Mack going to survive?

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