Spoilers for Coronation Street: Carla Connor surprises everyone with a selfless present for Peter Barlow and lets him go for good.

The finish line is in sight. (Image: ITV)

In the Coronation Street episode that aired on Friday, December 22, Allison King’s character Carla Connor finally learned how serious Peter Barlow’s (Chris Gascoyne) issues were.

Since it was Christmas Eve in Weatherfield, some locals were preoccupied with finishing their last-minute gifts.

Carla went to the factory and informed Sarah (Tina O’Brien) that she really didn’t know what to get Peter as Simon (Alex Bain) was leaving for the day. It had been a long time since she had seen him, so she stated she wanted something that would make him grin broadly.

Carla went to a support group with Peter later that day. When Peter’s turn came at the AA meeting to discuss how individuals would spend Christmas, he stated he would be fine as long as his family was around.

Carla was troubled by this as she suspected Peter wasn’t telling the whole truth. Carla, who had previously said that she felt her partner’s “light had gone out,” listened as Peter acknowledged that the routine of his current existence was wearing him down and that he yearned for a change.

Carla was scared about what was ahead back at the apartment. She stated that although she wasn’t sure whether Peter would like their relationship to stop, she truly wanted to assist him because he wasn’t enjoying his life.

It was a tragic turn of events when the couple realized that their love for one another wasn’t enough, and it was one step closer to Peter’s stay in Weatherfield coming to an end.

Peter and Carla will have one more Christmas together (Image: ITV).

When Carla returned to Underworld that evening, Sarah discovered her and asked if she had any luck finding Peter a gift.

Carla claimed to have done so and printed the outcome. Then Sarah took a quick look at the page and gasped. Although there isn’t much of a choice, she questioned whether Carla had chosen the correct option.

She must give Peter up.

“When he opens up and says he feels like he is not having a life, it is stomach wrenching,” Alison King said.

Carla and Peter went to a support group meeting (Image: ITV).

It truly confirms for her what she has been thinking—that he doesn’t feel like he is living life to the fullest, not even with her by his side. She is quite saddened by that, but she soon begins to consider other options, puts him first, and considers what she should do.

She requires his desire to be the owner. Be honest with her. And consider what’s best for him in isolation.

“We have great chemistry, and we trust each other, and Peter and Carla have simply amazing chemistry,” she continued.

It therefore functions naturally. And you know, they understand each other so well that they can go through anything together, even the softer times. They have developed quite a bit as a pair.

I believe that the audience can perceive that. They just have a certain chemistry and are both really flawed individuals, which makes sense when together. And I believe that’s what everyone aspires to have.

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