Spoilers for Coronation Street: Ed Bailey’s criminal confession tears apart his family at Christmas

Recently, on Coronation Street, Trevor Michael Georges’ desperate Ed Bailey committed a horrible act. Having incurred significant debt due to his excessive gambling, Ed was intimidated by his boss Tony (Sean Cernow) and decided to pawn all of the family’s Christmas gifts, which included a Wendy home for Glory (Eleanor Beckles).

When Ed’s family discovered that Tony had cut his lip during the break-in and claimed that Ed was injured while attempting to repel the intruders, they naturally rallied behind him. However, Ed still felt incredibly bad about what he had done.

Ed finds it painful to see his family open the few gifts they hadn’t already opened on Christmas Day.

When he opens the watch his kids got for him, which reads, “For the world’s finest dad-our hero,” his humiliation only deepens.

The family’s situation significantly deteriorates. (Image: ITV)

In the meantime, Michael’s (Ryan Russell) compassionate coworkers at the plant have banded together to replace Glory’s Christmas present, the Wendy house, in an effort to alleviate the family’s situation.

Michael learns it’s the exact same Wendy house that was taken from his family when Sean (Antony Cotton) and Izzy (Cherylee Houston) tell him they obtained it from a pawn shop. Craig (Colson Smith), upon hearing about it from him, pledges to look into it.

Ed has not been truthful with his relatives. (Image: ITV)

Ed feels certain that the truth will surface as he knows Craig is actively investigating the matter and is very ashamed of his past actions.

The Bailey family is in disarray following the revelation. Michael wants to kick Ed out of the house because he can’t handle the thought that he would steal from his own grandchild.

While everything is going on, Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) is enraged that Joel (Calum Lill) and Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) both knew that Ed had relapsed with his gambling addiction but chose to remain silent and gave Ed the impression that he could handle it.

Later, Ed chooses to confide in Todd (Gareth Pierce) about what has transpired, telling him that his family now despises him. Todd finds Ed in the ginnel.

However, he informs Todd that the family is unaware of something considerably worse, and he is aware that he must come clean.

Ed, aware that this could be the last straw, gets ready to break the news to his family with a sad heart.

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