EastEnders Christmas spoilers: During the wedding day confrontation, Keanu’s startling kidnapping truth is eventually revealed.

The mysteries begin to surface (Image: BBC)

In EastEnders, Danny Walter’s Keanu Taylor is on borrowed time as it is revealed to Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) that he was also complicit in Albie’s abduction a few weeks prior.

Phil (Steve McFadden), observing Karen (Lorraine Stanley) flaunting her money at the bar, began to wonder how she managed to accumulate so much wealth so quickly.

Phil dispatched Tommy (Sonny Kendall) into Karen’s apartment because he thought she could be hiding anything. Soon after, he discovered Phil’s ransom money hidden beneath Karen’s bed.

Then, in the bar, an angry Phil confronted Karen; however, a frantic Keanu did not disclose his role either, leaving the impression that Karen was the one behind it all.

As Walford’s Christmas Day approaches, Sharon and Keanu are occupied preparing for their nuptials at Number 43 alongside Zack (James Farrar) and Martin (James Bye).

Sharon still trying to hide her feelings of remorse from Keanu, who is still unaware that Albie is Phil’s actual son.

Our emotions can’t handle it when Albie leads Sharon down the aisle (Picture: BBC)

As the wedding ceremony begins in the church, Sharon and Albie accompany each other down the aisle.

However, Phil shows up right as Sharon and Keanu are ready to exchange vows, revealing that Keanu was responsible for kidnapping Albie.

How appropriate the time is.

In addition to Sharon and the congregation being surprised by the news, Phil and Keanu will also be taken aback by Sharon’s own admission.

Later, she quickly leaves with Linda (Kellie Bright) and two other members of The Six, Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) and Denise (Diane Parish), who are eager to get away from Jack (Scott Maslen) and Rocky (Brian Conley).

These scenes will run before The Six find a dead corpse at the bar on Christmas Eve night. But who is the body?

It may turn out to be Phil, Keanu, Jack, or Rocky.However, Nish (Navin Chowdhry), Dean (Matt Di Angelo), or Ravi (Aaron Thiara) might possibly be the culprit.

Or perhaps someone else entirely?

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