Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona’s contentious move ruins Marlon’s Christmas, leaving him shattered.

In Emmerdale, Rhona (Zoe Henry) is engaging in risky behavior by being fixated with baby Ivy, completely oblivious to the harm it is causing to Marlon (Mark Charnock).

When Mary (Louise Jameson) decided Gus and baby Ivy weren’t coping and they needed company for Christmas, she showed up on the doorway with them. may she have just exploded the device that may have wiped out Marlon and Rhona’s family?

Since she gave up on Leo’s magic act to spend more time with Ivy, her daughter, rather than her own kid, Rhona’s priorities have been obvious for some time. Marlon is having difficulty since he has spoken his views about the problem clearly and has encountered Rhona’s stonewall.

When Mary brought Gus and Ivy to the cottage, Marlon was caught off guard. Even though his patience was put to the limit, he finally decided to back Rhona and go along with this new idea.

Marlon is finding the drastic adjustment difficult to handle (Picture: ITV)

Actor Mark said, “To have them for Christmas is a great act of will on his side to accept it.” Even though he will claim to accept it, it feels as though someone has just set off a bomb in his reality. Mary is that someone.

Things escalate on Christmas morning when Marlon, who is always calm, reaches his breaking point and tells everyone around him. Gus leaves abruptly, leaving Marlon to face the fact that he has spoiled everyone’s special day. He is devastated and unsure of how to go for the better.

Rhona is attempting to maintain everyone’s happiness (Image: ITV).

Paddy stops to let Marlon know that Gus is still in mourning and that it is his responsibility to attempt to preserve Christmas Day.

Being the excellent egg that he is, Marlon goes all out to prepare a massive feast and sets about doing exactly that. Gus is astounded by what he’s accomplished and moved by the effort. A toast to loved ones is hoisted, and tears fall. The day has been rescued by Marlon, but at what cost?

However, Rhona doesn’t take long to admit how much she needs Ivy in her life and to implore Marlon to assist her in making this new normal work.

Regarding Rhona’s future, actress Zoe provided some insight into how this situation will begin to go wrong.

“Rhona is walking a very tightrope because, while she has all three of her children in one location, her spouse and her ex-husband are not happy,” she disclosed.

She’s attempting to juggle dishes so that no one breaks and loses their sh*t. Gus is thus not in his right mind, and there can be no logical discussion with him at all.

She also alluded to Rhona’s “ideal” situation, which is for her to retain the child and for Gus to vanish. How long before Marlon and her are destroyed by this obsession?

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