Lucy Fallon of Coronation Street affirms that Bethany finds the insane spree of serial murderer Stephen “hilarious” in this strange twist.

Much has transpired since Bethany’s departure. (Image: ITV)

Many things have been happening in Weatherfield while Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) has been away from Coronation Street, pursuing a journalism career in London. When Bethany returns to the Street in the new year, she will need to swiftly catch up on a number of things.

After falling in love with Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), Bethany departed because she could tell he wasn’t ready to move on from the loss of his wife Sinead (Katie McGlynn).

Daniel and Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) became engaged after that, but their future together is currently uncertain since Daisy has revealed her feelings for Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), the guy she had an affair with.

Even while Bethany’s reappearance would undoubtedly cause even more strife in their relationship, Lucy told us she could see her character finally growing close to Daisy.

I think there will be conflict between Daisy and Bethany because they are both strong female characters. Furthermore, it’s clear that they both desire the same thing. Additionally, I anticipate that there will be some sort of power struggle between them both.

However, given everything that Bethany has been through in the past—including relationships with men and Nathan (Christopher William Harper)—I find it hard to imagine her spending a significant amount of time on the streets pursuing another woman or girl. Instead of detesting each other as much as they do now, I would like to imagine that ultimately they would be more buddies.

After Daniel and Daisy broke up, Bethany made her way back (Picture: ITV)

As she spars with Daisy until that happens, Lucy has been relishing bringing back her fiercer side.

As each showcases a distinct aspect of Bethany, working on the sequences has been a lot of fun, Lucy told us.

She was a fiery individual upon her comeback in 2015. All that happened, though, obviously wiped that part of her out in the end. Furthermore, Daisy has undoubtedly brought that aspect out once more, and I think she has made a comeback. It has really been enjoyable to complain to each other and share those moments with Charlie. I really do get along with Charlie, though, so I’m hoping they’ll start dating again.

Stephen passed away having murdered three individuals. (Image: ITV)

The discovery that great uncle Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) was a multiple murderer who had stolen all the factory money, killed three people, broken Audrey Nicholls’s heart, and left Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) for dead—before killing himself after being struck by a car driven by Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne)—was, of course, another important detail that Bethany missed.

When Bethany learns about all of this high-level turmoil, how does she respond?

Lucy disclosed, “She really makes a couple of jokes about it, which is quite callous.”

She makes a sort of jesting remark about writing a piece on this family drama, but Gail (Helen Worth) is not pleased. It’s obvious that Bethany finds it amusing.

Lucy expressed her anticipation for “drama” for Bethany in the upcoming months.

I hope that her and Daisy become pals. I hope everything works out for her as she pursues her media career. However, I do want there to be some drama there. I hope there is drama, but I’m not sure what kind of drama I want there to be.

The actress hinted that Bethany may have some unsolved business from her time in the city, so this may be connected to whatever she was doing there.

She has essentially been compelled to return. She kind of felt compelled to return because of something that happened in London, but she isn’t saying anything about it yet. She’s keeping her motivation for returning somewhat under wraps.

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