Max Bowden, an EastEnders actor, escaped unharmed from three automobile crashes.

Max Bowden, a cast member of AstEnders, was lucky to escape injury when his car “smashed” into two other automobiles on Friday, December 22.

According to reports, the Sunbury-on-Thames event left the 28-year-old “shaken.”

Max Bowden, an EastEnder, was engaged in a three-car crash.
Max, who is most known for portraying Ben Mitchell in the venerable BBC soap opera, was unharmed when he left the scene on Friday.

The soap star’s Mercedes bumper was entirely wrecked after the collision, as seen in photos acquired by The Sun.

His automobile is now thought to be a right off. An observer discussed the incident with the magazine.

It happened really quickly. We just noticed that this automobile was completely destroyed, and my girlfriend said, “Is that Ben Mitchell?”

They went on, “He appeared very surprised by the whole affair.” They went on, “He must have been quite seriously rattled up.”

Max Bowden, star of EastEnders, is unharmed after a car accident
A Surrey Police spokesman discussed the incident in a statement.

They said, “On Friday, we were called to an accident involving three vehicles in Sunbury-on-Thames.”

“The incident included a red Mazda, a black Mercedes, and a grey Kia and happened at 1.10 p.m. just off the Sunbury Cross roundabout,” they added.

“The event did not result in any injuries or arrests.”

Concerning the Max split, Shona McGarty speaks out.
Max and Shona McGarty ended their romance last year. In May of last year, their romance was initially revealed.

After Max’s ex-girlfriend Roisin Buckle gave birth to their first child, a little boy, they dated for six months before ending things.

Following their breakup, Shona disclosed that she and Max are still friendly during an appearance at the British Soap Awards in June.

“I’ve not seen Max’s mother in a long time, so it’s great to be here tonight. I adore her.” Thus, it’s great to catch up with her,” she said at the time to The Mirror.

In actuality, we’ve improved. We have a friendship and are at a great position right now. She went on, “You take a chance, you try something, and it doesn’t work out, but that’s life; you have to take that risk.”

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