The Next Step in Cheating Following the Caleb Milligan scandal, Tracy Robinson makes a shocking choice regarding her future in Emmerdale.

Tracy Robinson needs to decide what steps to take next for her.Regards: ITV
The young mother has a brilliant idea for a company.Regards: ITV
Would her affections for Caleb Milligan, however, stand in the way?Regards: ITV

Tracy chose to maintain expanding her own company and establish her reputation after making her first appearance in the Dales in months to be married to Jurell Carter’s Nate Robinson.

Viewers of ITV will recall that Tracy made every effort to turn her life around over her years in the drama set in Yorkshire.

This led her to move to Nottingham in early 2022 in search of a fresh career opportunity, taking her daughter Frankie with her. The village was named after her.

However, Tracy has had the notion to start her own nursery since returning to the Dales, and Caleb Milligan (Will Ash) has promised to provide financial support.

Tracy is thrilled about her new Forest Nursery idea in scenes that are scheduled to appear, but how will she carry it through?

Fans of the long-running soap opera will recall that Tracy is also concealing a significant secret from her own husband, even if this is yet to be determined.

Tracy’s charm won Caleb over in recent scenes of the Yorkshire-based show, and the two have experienced a number of intense moments together.

Sadly, secrets are rarely kept secret in the hamlet of the same name, and in scenes that will show on our televisions over the Christmas season, a different local is expected to witness the couple cuddling.

Christmas at Butlers is approaching, and before long, Tracy and Caleb will have yet another intense moment to themselves.

When everyone has left a bit later, Tracy remains behind to watch the youngsters.

The two finally have the alone time they’ve been craving when Caleb offers to stay back with her.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for someone to catch the illegal pair in the act.

Who is it going to be?

Can they maintain their secrecy?

As their romance continues, many have prophesied that the unlawful pair would soon announce the birth of a kid.

Are they perhaps correct?

ITV broadcasts Emmerdale weeknights at 7:30 p.m.

Tracy and Caleb Milligan are having an affair.Regards: ITV

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