Leyla from ITV Emmerdale’s laid-back Christmas plans before Dancing On Ice

Roxy Shahidi, who played Leyla Harding in Emmerdale, is one of the celebs participating in the popular ITV skating series Dancing On Ice in January, so she has a busy 2024 ahead of her.

Because of this, the forty-year-old actress is preparing for a low-key and restful Christmas in advance of an intense schedule. As Jacob Gallagher star Joe-Warren Plant participated in 2021 and David Metcalfe star Matthew Wolfenden debuted on the show in 2012, Roxy continues the tradition of her on-screen family.

When discussing her holiday plans with the Mirror and other media, Roxy remarked, “Just a peaceful one, okay, just nothing big.” Everything seems like too much these days, so I’m trying not to take on too much at once. It’s just family time, cozy, calm, sipping mulled wine, watching old 80s movies—that type of stuff, basically. Not many significant adventures!”

Actress Roxy Shahidi, who portrayed Leyla Harding on Emmerdale, has a busy 2024 ahead of her (Image: ITV)

In another article, Roxy discussed how her participation in Dancing On Ice may impact her Emmerdale character. Being a mainstay in the hamlet since 2008, the soap actress stated: “Emmerdale have been extremely wonderful because I declared straight from the outset that Emmerdale is my priority.

It’s my work, and I’m not able to multitask. I can’t become an athlete, learn to ice skate, be a mother, and have a full-time job.” “They told me we don’t have a big plot coming up, so we’ll simply fit you in,” Roxy said. They have thus given me permission to stand back and concentrate on Dancing On Ice.”

Furthermore, Roxy acknowledged that she is under pressure because co-star Matthew was the 2012 Dancing On Ice champion. In addition to Matthew, previous cast members of Emmerdale, Gaynor Faye from 2006 and Hayley Tamaddon from 2010 were the winners.

“Everyone from Emmerdale who’s been in it has won except for Joe, who had to go home because he got Covid,” the actress joked. “Everyone says you’re going to win since Emmerdale won, so I don’t know,” I respond to them.

Speaking about the guidance she has received from her co-stars, Roxy remarked, “Matthew kept warning me that it’s going to be a lot of effort, a lot of work! and I say, “Thank you, Matthew!” However, he did mention that it takes effort to ensure your happiness. You will get hurt if you overdo things or push yourself too hard too quickly.

Joe expressed his excitement in a same manner. “You’re going to be fantastic, you’re going to be amazing,” he says over and over. and I’m like, “Joe, don’t put that pressure on me!” I may be terrible, and I very likely will be terrible, but I’ll do my hardest.”

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