When does EastEnders air during the holidays? BBC confirms timetable as anticipated murder revelation

Millions of fans are expected to tune into EastEnders over this highly dramatic holiday season to discover the identity of the murder victim and the perpetrator.

Nearly forty years have passed since EastEnders debuted on the BBC, and in that time, the show has given us countless dramatic Christmas storylines. Some of these include Den giving Angie divorce papers as a present, Jamie Mitchell breaking his loved ones’ and fans’ hearts at home by passing away in a car crash, and countless arguments at different families’ dinner tables.

Viewers watched Sharon, Linda, Kathy, Denise, Suki, and Stacey gathered around a lifeless corpse in the Queen Vic back in January, in a flash forward sequence to what would really show nearly a year later. That meant that this year’s huge Christmas narrative in Albert Square has been in the works for over a year. The suspense has been building for all six of The Six over the previous two weeks as each of them has had their own episode.

Before Sharon and Keanu are married, she discovers that Phil Mitchell, her ex, is the father of her kid Albie and that Keanu isn’t. This leads her to become entangled in a major paternity deception. After Denise discovered that Stacey had slept with Jack, Linda is at odds with Dean once more—especially after he texted her posing as Mick—and Suki is in shock that Eve, the love of her life, has returned after being thought to be dead. Meanwhile, her son and husband have been brought in to be questioned for her murder.

All six of the ladies have a strong motivation for killing before Christmas Day, according to Friday’s episode, which means they are still all very much under suspicion. Additionally, the episode WON’T be available on iPlayer, so fans will have to wait until Christmas night to see it in order to keep the major surprise secret.

When does EastEnders air during the holidays?
December 22, Friday, 7:30 p.m.

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