A shocking Christmas Day shooting is aired on Emmerdale as the Mackenzie plot intensifies.

The tragic conclusion for Damon “Harry” Harris, the newest villain on Emmerdale, has aired.

In the Christmas Day episode of the program, the deadly mobster eventually received his comeuppance when Charity Dingle came to her partner Mackenzie Boyd’s aid.

For the past few days, Harry has been imprisoning Mack in an abandoned factory in an attempt to exact brutal retribution on behalf of his daughter Chloe.

In the holiday episode of Emmerdale, Harry revealed his evil plans to Chloe after learning that she had made a disastrous attempt to set Mack free.

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Harry followed Chloe back to the hamlet after first keeping his information to himself and hinting at a major surprise. He then angrily accused her of betraying him.

The next step in his scheme was to push her into the back of a car and take her to the factory.

Chas and Charity Dingle were present when this ominous event occurred. Chas and Charity decided to pursue Harry’s car after realizing they may be related to Mackenzie’s disappearance and that Harry was the same person from their own recent abduction experience.

When Chloe returned to the workshop, she was shocked to see Mack beaten up by Harry’s heavies, with bruises all over him.

Chloe begged for forgiveness on Mack’s behalf, but Harry pulled out a revolver, obviously having other intentions.

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As Chas concentrated on contacting the police, Charity crept up behind him and realized that Mack might not have much longer.

Charity acted quickly to start a heated argument with Harry. Harry was wounded in the chest and fell to the ground when the gun was inadvertently fired in the midst of their struggle for it.

After her part in what transpired, what does Charity’s future hold now that Harry’s reign of terror has ended?

Emmerdale returns to ITV1 on Boxing Day at 7 p.m.

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