Alison King, who is devastated, has been sobbing on a daily basis since Chris Gascoyne left Coronation Street.

The pair has reached a depressing realization (Image: ITV).

As Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) decides to leave Weatherfield and bid farewell to his wife and soulmate, Carla Connor (Alison King), it marks the end of an era on Coronation Street.

Boxing Day viewers will see the devastating sights, as Alison King explained the events leading up to the couple’s choice.

She informed us that it all began when Peter used his automobile to knock down serial murderer Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce).

“He’s been having mental health issues since the accident, and Carla has sensed a kind of grief in him that she can’t quite contain for once.” They are having a small argument. She can’t be his entire universe for the first time. I believe she’s probably realizing for the first time that she can’t be his life preserver.

After receiving letters from his friend who is working on a yacht, Peter feels a little better and decides he would want to go too.

Alison went on, “She starts to see that he’s incredibly enthusiastic.”

It’s the first time something has diverted his attention from the situation in a long time. She politely declines his invitation to accompany him, presumably because she has to focus on getting the plant back up and running. And I believe it’s from him that she realizes they have different goals and that he’s fighting for the company. It’s dawning on her that she cannot.

She begins to feel depressed and is content to continue living on her own. She has a slowly sinking sense as she realizes that perhaps it’s time for them to pursue their own interests; although we had that, which was amazing, it might be coming to an end.

Peter and Carla have had one last Christmas together (Image: ITV).

Emotional moments on Boxing Day will showcase the couple’s affection for one another as they realize it’s best for her to stay and for him to go. Alison liked being able to explore that.

People seem to like just talking with them, so it was very great to have that much time with them, she added. It was a genuine adventure that we had to really get our teeth into, filled with a range of emotions. It was quite enjoyable to do those scenes.

Alison acknowledged that she continued to feel sad as she was ready to say goodbye to co-star Chris Gascoyne throughout the two days it took to film the sequences.

The episode airing tonight will center on Carla and Peter’s lives on the cobbles (Image: ITV).

“It was incredible, but certain sequences were so emotional that I didn’t need a tear stick,” she recalls.

“Every time we performed it, I would practically burst into tears at various points during each scene, overcome with passion.” Chris is so good at the Meisner technique, which has one actor responding to the performance and demeanor of another actor, that I would become upset if he took on a different appearance. He reacts so quickly.

That is the reason I have enjoyed working with him so much; the outcome is always what matters. He is incredibly talented every time, and we can do things a thousand different ways in every take. It was just a different path, and the emotional roller coaster is leaving you completely tired.

The actress informed us that, after spending so much time on the program with Chris, she will miss him.
Working with him is like putting on your coziest coat, she remarked.

“And it’s simply knowing,” the freedom to do everything you dare and the knowledge that he will see it. With him, filming is a breeze. And when you know someone that well, it’s very fun.

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