On Christmas Day, Tracy Robinson and Caleb Miligan of Emmerdale were taken off guard by a family member.

The scandalous romance between Tracy Robinson and Caleb Miligan has been revealed by Moira Dingle of Emmerdale.

In the Christmas Day episode of the show, Moira discovered the hidden lovers in a precarious situation.

Although Emmerdale executives had already said that someone would expose the affair, Moira’s identity was withheld until the show’s airing.

In the Christmas episode of the program, Moira and Cain asked Caleb and Tracy to spend the day together at Butler’s Farm.

A shocking Christmas Day shooting is aired on Emmerdale as the Mackenzie plot intensifies.

Tracy and her spouse Nate went to the joyous event, but in private, Tracy relished the opportunity to flirt with Caleb during their alone time.
Tracy and Caleb volunteered to remain and watch the kids while everyone else had to go elsewhere.

While the kids were upstairs, Tracy and Caleb indulged in temptation and made the most of their time together, away from prying eyes.

Eventually, after struggling with the guilt of betraying Nate while their daughter Frankie was living at home, Tracy began to distance herself. But when Caleb gave her an extravagant Christmas present, he quickly won her over once more.

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This proved to be a gamble taken too far, as Moira entered and was horrified to see the couple sharing a passionate kiss.

Moira was incensed and only had one thing to say: “What the hell are you doing?”

For the remainder of the holiday season, Moira will undoubtedly face a significant conundrum as a result of this finding.

Moira’s complex past and her family’s devotion to her stepson Nate will undoubtedly be major considerations for her. Can Tracy and Caleb, nevertheless, find a way to silence her?

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