A pantomime star from EastEnders displays a horrific injury by splitting his skull open on stage.

A pantomime star from EastEnders displays a horrific injury by splitting his skull open on stage.

Actor James Bye of EastEnders was involved in a pantomime of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when he had a brain injury.

Beginning in early December, the actor—who has been starring in the BBC serial opera Martin Fowler since 2014—has been performing as The Prince in the pantomime at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, which is a musical. He broke his skull open in the first scene of the legendary panto, which was an unpleasant accident that required bandaging.

James, ever the professional, didn’t allow it to deter him from performing and running the show. In order to include the accident into the production, the actor even made his injuries more dramatic by donning a phony arm sling.

James was beaming for a backstage photo, demonstrating that the injury hadn’t affected him, according to his co-star Rhiannon Chesterman, who has been playing Snow White in the production. “Look at our brave Prince @jimmybye,” Rhiannon said after posting the image on her Instagram Stories. In the first scene, he split open his brain, continued, and decided to “make a thing out of it,” so he wrapped up his arm just in case. #Trooper. Jimmy reposted the narrative along with an ashamed emoji on his personal Instagram.

James suffered a head injury a few days after his seven-year-old son Louis had an unfortunate mishap with a potato peeler that resulted in “blood basically everywhere.” The father of four then posted a frantic update with his fans. The EastEnders actor described the situation and shared a sweet picture of his family wearing coordinated holiday pajamas. “Louis (who else?) cut off the tip of his finger with the peeler,” he said. (The blood, really! Really everywhere… Anyhow! Have another sherry and fa la la laaaaa).”

James was able to get everyone into identical one-piece suits for a picture session, even after the regrettable incident in the kitchen. “So yeah, it’s fair to say it’s all a bit frantic,” he continued. However, despite the chaos and celebration, I managed to get everyone into a one-sie picture session. After all, how could I resist?

James Bye, star of EastEnders, has been a part of the BBC serial opera Martin Fowler since 2014. (Photo credit: Jack Barnes/BBC/Kieron McCarron)

I’ll make it brief and sweet because I know you all have better things to do than to sit through my rambling. Between our home and yours… Warm regards… and best wishes for a joyous Christmas, The Byes.”

With the birth of their youngest son Rufus in June, James and his wife Victoria became parents to four boys: Edward, Louis, Hugo, and Hugo. After a “drama filled” labor, little Rufus was born. His delighted mother Victoria posted an update on social media as soon as he was safe. The pair has been open about their difficulties becoming parents and having children; Victoria has even shared her experience with endometriosis.

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