Fans of Emmerdale are disappointed as the actress says she has already quit the ITV soap opera due to the bizarre plot.

With the tragic ending of Jessie Elland’s (Chloe Harris) Emmerdale storyline, viewers were left feeling let down.

For a span of two years, Jessie captivated viewers with captivating narratives, such as being pursued by Noah Dingle and discovering Kerry Wyatt was her biological mother. However, Chloe’s most intriguing plot point was when she became pregnant after having a one-night fling with Mackenzie Boyd, the spouse of Charity Dingle.

Chloe was crushed, though, when Charity decided to forgive Mack and revive their marriage. After Charity shot Chloe’s father Harry last night [Dec. 26], she quickly used the incident to her advantage by threatening to tell the authorities that it was murder unless Mack allowed her to permanently leave the town with their son.

For two years, Jessie Elland portrayed Chloe Harris.

Mack made his decision to choose Charity above his son Reuben after being given a choice. At this moment, Mack was given permission by Chloe to bid his son farewell for the last time and leave the hamlet. Fans, however, were not pleased with how Chloe’s departure was handled by Emmerdale executives.

“Goodbye Jessie, you played your role well, didn’t like the conclusion which was scripted for you though,” a fan posted on the official Instagram page of the ITV soap opera. A pleasant one would have pleased all of us.” “Fantastic actress, pity u are going, all the best for the future xx,” remarked a second person.

“Wishing you luck for the future, I didn’t appreciate the plot where you went with Ruben and showed no regard for the baby’s father,” said a third. A baby should never be used as a bargaining chip.” Regarding her tenure on the program, Jessie wrote: “Being a part of Emmerdale and portraying Chloe has been the finest two years of my life.” Being outside the Woolpack in the village or entering the studios through the stage entrance never grew any less weird throughout those two years.”

Charity Dingle and Mackenzie Boyd with Chloe Harris

“I feel very fortunate to have been given this chance and to have been trusted with such amazing narratives,” she continued. My soap bingo card was truly completed: having a baby, meeting new family members, pulling off a large prank, getting slapped with soap, and even the iconic rear of the cab exit! all the while collaborating with and picking the brains of extraordinarily gifted individuals I had grown up idolizing on TV.”

“You’ve probably heard other cast members compare being on Emmerdale to being a part of a large family, but it couldn’t be more true,” Jessie went on. Some of the most lovely individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting are the actors and staff of Emmerdale; they all helped to make the show feel like a second home to me.The way that audiences responded to Chloe and her storylines has made my tenure at Emmerdale even more fulfilling.”

The actress continued, saying that she feels “so happy and lucky” to be a “little part of something so adored,” and that one of the most memorable aspects of being on the program is how much it means to the audience. “It’s very hard to put into words how much Emmerdale means to me, and leaving such a lovely place and such wonderful people was by no means an easy decision. I’m going to miss it so much, but I feel immensely blessed to be leaving with amazing memories and lifelong friends,” she continued.

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