Charity Dingle sees distressing events on Emmerdale, as her suffering is far from ended.

Charity began experiencing flashbacks (Image: ITV)

Although Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) has experienced a lot over the years, it is safe to assume that she is not handling the latest Emmerdale events in which she turned deadly well.

When Charity realized that Mackenzie Boyd (played by Lawrence Robb) may be in danger, she was appalled and immediately started attempting to locate him.

She trailed Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) to an abandoned factory, where she was shortly directed by her enraged father, Damon Harris (Robert Beck), directly to Mack’s captivity.

Damon had learned about Mack’s involvement in Chloe’s precipice mishap and how he proceeded to mistreat her by leaving her for Charity.

Chloe contacted mobster dad Damon for support when she realized she wouldn’t be able to escape with Reuben as she had intended.

Charity was completely rattled when she shot Damon during a confrontation.

She is obviously still processing what happened on Christmas Day, even if she wouldn’t admit it to her worried husband Mack a few days later.

Rather, she ignored her emotions and continued ironing until he departed for work.

But Charity was constantly having flashbacks of that horrific Christmas Day experience, so it was immediately evident how hard it was for her to go forward and continue as usual.

She went directly to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of wine, obviously having a hard time forgetting.

Will Charity confide in Mack about her true feelings now that she is in such difficulty, or is she destined to suffer in silence?

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