Legend of ITV Emmerdale acknowledges “never say never” as they hint at a 22-year break in the soap opera.

During her participation on The Big Quiz: Coronation Street vs Emmerdale last night, Emmerdale superstar Malandra Burrows hinted at a potential comeback to the long-running soap opera.

The actress’s most well-known performance was in the 1985 film as Kathy Glover. When Kathy was shown traveling to Australia with her niece Alice Bates (Rachel Tolboys) against Alice’s mother’s wishes to relocate, the program was canceled in December 2001.

In 2005, Malandra, at fifty-eight, temporarily returned to the character she had portrayed when Kathy came back for Stan Richards’s funeral as Seth Armstrong. During her tenure on the program, she was a pivotal character, featuring in a number of plots that included being abducted by a lord who stole diamonds, being struck by a con artist, becoming stranded in the debris of a bus struck by a truck, and much more.

Malandra made a cameo appearance on The Big Quiz last night, thrilling her local supporters to see her on TV once more. In one round, the players had to identify the former soap actress from a clue package that concealed their face. Three soap stars from each soap represented their respective programs.

Team Emmerdale surmised that Malandra was the solution, and the actress showed up unexpectedly on the set. “When you look back at your time in Emmerdale – happy memories?” host Stephen Mulhern posed to her. “Oh, a great time,” was her response. I wish I could say the same for the male actors I collaborated with—all of them met tragic ends and never lived to tell.”

Then the host inquired as to whether she planned to go back to the soap. “Never say never,” she said. Enthusiasts at home flocked to social media, with one person posting in all capitals, “Bring back Malandra Burrows!” The one thing that would make me want to return to Emmerdale.”

“I’d love to see Malandra return to #Emmerdale,” said a user. And Emmerdale would too,” a supporter said, adding, “I miss Kathy in Emmerdale, please bring her back!”

Malandra, meanwhile, previously disclosed that she discovered a tumor a month earlier and received a breast cancer diagnosis in February 2022. She explained that she decided to share her experience in order to spread awareness and inspire other ladies to be checked out.

She clarified in a conversation, saying, “I don’t want this illness to take my life. People often comment, “I can’t believe you can talk about it and be so happy,” when I tell them about it, but you have to remain optimistic because that is the truth. By talking about it, I aim to bring attention to it.

“You need to concentrate on the positives in addition to the disadvantages…That little “C” word may still catch you off guard, even if you think you’re in perfect condition, she adds. “I was simply exercising when I caught myself and thought, ‘Good grief, what’s that?'”

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